African Americans Should be Outraged

The democratic party has long counted the African American vote as a strong part of its base. It has become so second nature to them that they have taken it for granted. This year, there has been comment that the “black” voters are not so energized because they are not thrilled with John Kerry. The democratic party has recognized this and is leaving no stone unturned in their effort to get out the black vote. They have gone so far as to print manuals on how to claim voter intimidation even when it does not exist. Now, in Missouri, the democratic party is circulating flyers with a picture, circa 1960, of a firefighter using a hose on a black person. The caption reads, “This is what they used to do to keep us from voting.”

I think this is a very low act aimed at dividing the country along the lines of race. It would appear that now the democratic party has pulled out the race card. This is unfortunate but it goes even deeper. By resorting to these tactics, which include remarks from both democratic candidates that the republicans are trying to disenfranchise a million minority voters, they have basically said that minority voters do not have the courage to go out and vote. They are creating a false atmosphere of fear so they can tell people that they, the democrats, are there to protect them.

It isn’t bad enough that the democrats have created an environment where they tell minorities that they can not make it on their own, now they are creating an environment that says you can’t go vote without us to protect you.

I have voted in six presidential elections and many other local elections and I have never seen voters intimidated BY EITHER PARTY. I want you to realize that I am in Maryland where the voter registration is overwhelmingly democrat. I point this out to show that I am not in some heavily republican area that would not expect to see these things. I have seen questionable votes by the democratic party with regard to dead people voting but I am sure this kind of monkey business goes on all over. It is not right but it is also not isolated.

I think it is a shame that the democrats have used fear and lies to ramp up a voting base that is largely theirs to lose. Perhaps they are doing this because they realize that the minority vote is not as easily theirs as it once was. I can only hope that the minority population, as well as everyone eligible, gets out and exercises their rights.

If I were the target of these tactics I would be outraged. I thought it could not get worse. The special Olympics, voter cheat sheets, and now disgracing the minority population. What will Kerry and his henchmen think of next?

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