Afghan and Coalition Forces Kill 80 Taliban

Afghan and Coalition forces were attacked by Taliban fighters while on routine patrol. The good guys immediately engaged and used close air support to kill 80 of the bad guys. Our forces know how to fight and we are taking it to the bad guys. The good guys were engaged in a six hour fight and were victorious in the end.

A combined Afghan-coalition forces patrol was conducting reconnaissance when Taliban fighters engaged them with rocket and small-arms fire. The combined patrol immediately returned fire, maneuvered, and employed close-air support, resulting about 80 Taliban fighters killed during a six-hour engagement. During the battle, the combined force exchanged small-arms fire with the fleeing attackers, quickly putting them on the defensive. [DOD News]

We continually have successes on the battlefield and need to have continued success on the battlefield here at home in a place known as Congress.

Big Dog

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