Affirmative Action Not Good When it Hurts Blacks

Affirmative action is nothing more than reverse discrimination. There was a time, I suppose, that it was necessary in order to reduce the effects of slavery in this country and to give black children a leg up in the college process. This has morphed into reverse discrimination in that students are selected, and denied, based on the color of their skin. The NAACP, UNCF, and every other organization that supports blacks were up in arms when there was discussion about ending affirmative action. They believe that it is racist to end a discriminatory program that doles out college seats based on race. In other words, so long as they were getting the benefits it was not considered racism or bigotry.

In the state of Maryland a new kind of affirmative action plan is in the works. The state wants to offer in-state tuition to undocumented immigrants, the euphemism for ILLEGAL aliens. This is a sort or affirmative action in that everyone else must play by the rules; whites, blacks, legal immigrants, they must all pay the tuition rates appropriate for their situation. Giving ILLEGALS a leg up, in effect, reduces the number of seats available to any other group of people. This new affirmative action does not sit well with some blacks who see their race as the only entitled one.

Former Governor Robert Ehrlich and his wife Kendall host a radio program on Saturday mornings on WBAL. Democratic Delegate Emmett Burns called in to that show to explain why he voted against the bill that would give ILLEGALS the advantage. According to Burns the program would take seats away from African American students who he claims are under represented in the state colleges. I will not debate those claims because that is not important to the argument though I would venture to guess that blacks attend college at a higher percentage than their percentage of the population in the state.

In any event, Burns decries the fact that another group is getting the advantage. Later in his call he explains that “to offer a benefit to illegals is wrong” the fact is, he misses the point completely. To offer a benefit to anyone based on a special category (in this case immigration status, in other cases race) is just wrong. I am not shocked but I am dismayed that Burns would cry that the unfair advantage that blacks enjoyed is being taken by another unfair advantage. I would have agree with him if he had said that entitlements based upon race are bigoted and racist and should be eliminated completely.

I do not know Burns but I imagine he would be one of the first to scream foul if the state had tried to eliminate affirmative action as a “wrong” practice. He only objects because he feels it hurts African-American students. The truth is offering special treatment to ILLEGALS hurts all individuals who are here legally and, in essence, make the taxpayer foot the bill for the ILLEGALS and for their own children.

Perhaps now that Mr. Burns has seen the light on the bigotry of affirmative action, he can join in the fight to eliminate the racist practice completely.


Big Dog

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3 Responses to “Affirmative Action Not Good When it Hurts Blacks”

  1. Hi big dog. I was listening to a talk show out of Chicago last night and the topic was illegal immigration. Ground zero on the precipice of this topic as well as taxes is Illinois (not surprisingly).

    The Democrat on the panel came up with every kind of excuse to justify illegal immigration. One caller called in and hit the nail on the nose. Blacks are being swept aside by the illegal immigration lobby. His sons couldn’t get jobs because Illegals were willing to work for less money and had a certain tax advantage that legitimate workers did not.

    New Orleans was the a perfect example of this kind of discrimination after Katrina.

    This is where Democrats are vulnerable. They repeatedly have taken advantage of African Americans and this is one more case. African Americans should be angry about this.

    Everybody suffers the affects of the Illegal Immigration lobby.

  2. Beach Girl says:

    This post is timely and excellent. Thank you. My children have faced this reverse discrimination and have made and are making career choices on it – as in where will they be least discriminated against and have the closest to a fair chance in our “affirmative action” world of institutioalized racism.