Affirmative Action For Bad behavior

I have had many issues with the way schools discipline children. Many schools jump right to suspension or expulsion for the most minor infractions when a whole host of other, more suitable, punishments are available. I have seen this applied to many children who misbehaved regardless of their skin color. Zero tolerance policies are certainly a factor in these punishments but often the school jumps to the toughest punishment when other options are available.

What does Eric Holder want to do about this? Well, one would think he might want to revamp the entire system so that children are judged on the merits of their individual case and not by a one size fits all standard but one would be wrong.

I do not think the Attorney General should be involved in school issues and am not saying he has a responsibility here but since he thinks he does I address it from the point of view that if he is going to do something one might think it would be this…

Holder says that too many black kids are being suspended so he wants schools to stop doing that. He wants fairness in the punishment arena (which means being less strict on black kids) or schools might just face “strong action”.

The problem here is that the way punishment is handled in schools does not only affect black children nor are those children singled out because of color. All kids are affected by bad policy.

Eric would rather schools ignore the bad behavior of black children or treat them differently when they do something wrong. He seems to think punishing children who misbehave crates a pipeline from school to jail.

The pipeline from school to jail is created by a black community (which is what Holder is concerned about) that has a high incidence of single parent families, poverty and government dependence. The real issue is that children who are chronically bad are not being disciplined at home and Holder seems to want them not to be disciplined in school (or to have their punishments greatly reduced).

To Holder having children go unpunished for being bad is the way you teach them to be responsible adults. This seems to be a recurring theme for liberals as many engage in bad behavior and are rewarded.

There was a school district in Florida that did not punish black kids for being bad. The edict was put out to stop because too many black kids were being disciplined (like Holder claims). One young man was very bad in school and was in trouble a number of times. He was not disciplined very much because he was black and the school did not want to have bad statistics on the numbers of black kids disciplined.

That young man was named Trayvon Martin and think we all know how things turned out in his story…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Affirmative Action For Bad behavior”

  1. Blake says:

    The way liberals like Holder would have us treat black children is because he might believe that black children are too slow and stupid, and thus must be given dispensation because they are stupid, and that is not the case, although there are stereotypes that DO reinforce that supposition, much as the “trailer-trash, mullet-wearing white men and their women might give a negative impression of white people.
    The truth is that we need to return the control of our schools back to OUR SCHOOLS. We need to abolish the Dept. of Education and return the oversight to the States.
    Radical idea, huh?