Adopt A Marine, or Two or Three…

Folks, I have a friend in the blogosphere (yes I really have a friend) and she has a special place in her heart for US Marines, those tough war fighters who help ensure our freedom. Over at the Coalition of the Swilling there is a little post explaining something they like to do around Christmas time.

The idea is to send an email to them ( ~ subj. “13 Marines of Xmas”) and get the name of a Marine (or two or three) and then to send them letters and, if you can, packages for Christmas. Our troops work long hard days not knowing if they are living their last day on this planet and they do it selflessly and in order to keep us safe and free. They ask for little in return, like respect from the very people who put them in harm’s way, but we can discuss Murtha and Kerry later.

Please consider going to the Coalition of the Willing and adopting a few Marines. I know that I am going to be sending them a few things this year and I have asked my Wide Awakes Radio gang to do this as well.

If you have a blog and would like to pass this story on I am sure they would have no objections.

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One Response to “Adopt A Marine, or Two or Three…”

  1. Oh, BD, thank you so much! (And yes, non-believers, even with a name like mine we’re friends {8^P.)

    We took care of them last year through the holidays (and by that i mean from before Thanksgiving until the mail cut off end of Feb) and we’re adopting again this year. Yep ~ you heard that right ~ SAME Marines, same station. They run the unmanned drones and, since there’s only two units PERIOD, they rotate in and out of country every 6 months. (one of their young captains is on his FOURTH tour.) So they left Iraq in March and got back there mid-September. That’s a LOT to ask of anybody, but they just pack up and go, bless their hearts.

    Like I wrote you, taking care of our little unit is for the folks who remember what getting YOUR name called at mail time is all about. If it’s just a note for one Marine every couple weeks to packages ~ whatever one can do ~ we are so tickled and grateful for every last thing that heads overseas to them.

    Thanks hugely for the post, big guy. HUGE ly.