Addiction To Pain Medication Takes An Ugly Twist

Where are all the lefty blogs and their hate filled messages about being addicted to prescribed pain medication? Where are all the liberals who were out in force when Rush Limbaugh was treated for addiction to prescribed pain killers? You know the people I am talking about. The ones who said you can ignore Rush because he is a pill popper. These are the same guys who renamed him Pill-baugh. Where are they now that one of the Hollywood crowd, Colin Farrell, has been checked into an undisclosed treatment center for addiction to prescribed pain killers.

Farrell became addicted to pain medication after suffering a back injury, just like Rush did. I am willing to bet we will now have a bunch of apologists telling us how tough it is to live with pain and that poor Colin is a victim. He became addicted trying to ease his pain. There will be a great deal more sympathy for this guy than Rush ever received. I am curious if the State’s Attorney will, illegally or otherwise, confiscate Farrell’s medical records to see if he was doctor shopping. I am willing to bet Farrell will not have to spend huge amounts of money to defend himself against those kinds of charges. Yet, the liberals were perfectly happy to allow the law to ruthlessly pursue Limbaugh’s private medical records. They sure dispelled the notion that they believe in the right to privacy.

In related news, a judge has ruled that prosecutors may not ask Limbaugh’s doctors about his medical condition unless they charge Limbaugh. It is a bit late since they seized some of his medical records and distributed the information. This is a big win for Rush though and a win for Americans who are worried about government intrusion into their private lives.

For the moonbats it is a double edged sword. They are up in arms about the Patriot Act (with good cause in some respects) but are perfectly happy with allowing invasion of privacy when it is a conservative talk show host.

I am not making light of addiction or pain. I know both of these problems are terrible and cause a great deal of problems for people. I am only using the two similar instances to point out the hypocrisy involved.

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