Add Sean Penn to the List of Idiots

Sean Penn, the former Mr. Madonna made waves a while back when he visited Iraq. He was against the war and he basically bashed the Bush administration. Here we go again with a person who thinks that because he is an actor he can tell us how to run the country. Penn says that he told us there would be no WMD. I don’t know if he said that or not. This has escalated far above WMD. We are about to have another free country in the Arab world.

Penn joins the ever growing list of idiots who believe they can run the country. He is now company with the likes of Cher, Eminem, and every liberals favorite, Michael Moore. Cher, Eminem, and Penn are all divorced (at least once). How can they expect to run the country when they can’t even run their lives? I have a suggestion. Perhaps they should stay in and get their own house in order. As for Moore, I don’t know his marital status. I can’t imagine there is a woman alive who would want to be with that dirty slug. Well, maybe Rosanne Barr.

Here are Penn’s words of wisdom for people who disagree with him:

I think they should shove it with their hypocritical Ronald Reagan standard right up their ass.”

That is real nice. Perhaps Mr. Penn can pray that when he dies he will have half the admiration that was shown Mr. Reagan. First he has to think of a way not to die of a drug overdose. This guy needs to crawl back in to the gutter he found Madonna in and stay there.

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One Response to “Add Sean Penn to the List of Idiots”

  1. Sami says:

    For a right-winger, you sure don’t mind trampling over someone’s 1st Amendment rights. There’s plenty of Republicans caught with their hand in a cookie jar that wasn’t their own. Bet, if given the chance, you’d be all over Robin Wright Penn like white on rice.
    And Michael Moore’s been married for over 13 years.