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Mark Noonan posted at Blogs for Bush about the Red Cross report on Gitmo. I think he makes some good points but I have to admit some of the statements are a bit over the top. I think that prisoners held at Gitmo deserve humane treatment whether they fall under the Geneva Convention or not. I, however, do not think that lack of sleep or being held for long periods of time is an act of torture. These people are being treated better than they should expect. We honor their religious beliefs (they get prayer time and we told them which way Mecca is) and provide them with the necessary staples. Hell, they probably eat better in Gitmo than at home! I do not believe that criminal acts on their part gives us the right to commit criminal acts. I do believe that we have a right to do what is necessary to keep our country safe and that includes the use of nuclear weapons.

Having said that, I must comment on the response to the article by Adam at Lost Adam. He calls Noonan a right wing lunatic. This guy Adam wants everyone to believe that there is widespread abuse of prisoners and that we are raping and killing them. I know there were instances of abuse at Abu Grahbe but these acts have been dealt with and the guilty have been or are being punished. This Adam likens us to the savages who are cutting off heads and killing innocent civilians. I know some innocent civilians have been killed but we are not targeting them. That still makes them just as dead but there is a matter of intent. The terrorists intend to kill non combatants, we do not. I think Adam wants us to let them go. The others who have been released were captured or killed while fighting against us again!

This will give you some insight into the mind of Adam. In another post on his sight he makes this statement:

The statements made by this Task Force verify my objections to the war against terror and the continuing mass murder of Americans, Britons, and more importantly the Iraqi people.

Perhaps it is just me, but the part about more importantly the Iraqi people rubs me the wrong way. As an American, I feel there are no more important (you could argue just as important) people than Americans. I also would like to know where he thinks the 3000 people who were savagely killed on 9/11 fit in. Where is his anger at the number of Iraqi people who have been killed by Hussein? This guy is really out there. His premise is that the report shows the radicals don’t hate us for our values, they hate our policies. Well to freaking bad. I could care less what the rest of the world thinks about our policies. They do not run our country, we do. Also, this numbnuts has an objection to the war on terror. I can understand that people are opposed to war in general and there are people who are opposed to the war in Iraq. They are entitled to these beliefs. I can not understand how anyone who witnessed the attacks on 9/11 could be against fighting those responsible.

I think this lefty donk (who I believe claims to be an Independent) has Post Election Stress Disorder. He does not like Bush or Republicans and is distressed over the election results. There are posts at his blog about election fraud and how terrible Bush is. They rationalize the county-by-county map and denigrate the people who live in the red areas. There are comments that basically call the people who voted for Bush morons. I think we can see his agenda. I would like to know where his moral outrage about war was when Bill Clinton was deploying our troops all over the world. Clinton put them in harm’s way dozens of times while cutting them to the bone. Where is this donk’s ire at how we bombed other countries on Bill’s watch? You probably will not find it. The site is laced with hugs and kisses for the former pervert in chief. Well, Adam is from Arkansas so I guess he has to love Bubba.

Lost Adam is a great name for this guy. He is lost.

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