Adam Needs to Graduate Before all His Brain Cells are Gone

Lost Adam is at it again. He gives this wonderful Moore-esque recitation of the events that lead up to the invasion of Iraq and the fact that the hunt for WMD has come to an end. Poor Adam does not have it right, he usually doesn’t, but he tries hard. Let us take a look at a few of his claims and see what we can do to dispel what he is saying.

So why am I not surprised? I already knew the premise for the war was a lie.

Adam, the premise for the war was not a lie. If you make a claim that you believe is true and it is later proven false you were mistaken. A lie is something like “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.” This was an untruth and he knew it when he said it. We all thought there were WMD in Iraq. As a matter of fact they were there until right before the war. Saddam had them moved out with the help of the Soviets. Yeah, you know the oil for food scam artists. They had a good reason for wanting them out too. Most of them were made in Russia. Saddam most assuredly had WMD. He used mustard on the Iranians and he used nerve agent on the Kurds. There are satellite photos showing movements from weapons caches just prior to the war. They were there and all intelligence agencies in the world confirmed this.

…while the Iraqi people are glad Saddam is gone, they really don’t like the way America wages war. // The world is not safer by the removal of one man. It has been made more unsafe by the continued violence and poverty that breeds oppression and fills the signup rolls for groups like al Qaeda.

I don’t know how to break this to you Adam but no one likes the way war is waged upon them. We did not like when war was waged here on 9/11. We did not like being attacked. The side that loses especially dislikes the way the winner wages war. At least we wear uniforms and represent a country. Nothing like the cowards who fake surrender and open up on our troops. The world is safer. We have not been attacked since 9/11. There have been attempts that you do not know about but we have stopped them. YOU are safe because GWB has the testicular fortitude to take the fight to the enemy. We are not breeding terrorists or causing people to sign up. Their so called peaceful religion is encouraging them to wage jihad. They are being persuaded by their so called religious leaders.

What does it mean when he says Bush will “continue” to work with the international community? And what are these words “diplomatic solutions”? I’ve never heard Bush speak of such things before! They might be nice to try for a change. Bring them on!

Once again the left’s talking points are stuck in the old gray matter. Adam, GWB went to the international community. He went to the UN and was turned down. Get this straight. We do not need permission to protect our interests. It is evident that Germany, France, and Russia were not going to help. They were in up to their necks with illegal activities. Kofi Annan was too busy counting the money he skimmed off the oil for food scam and policing up the used condoms his troops left behind in their rape rooms. We did what we had to do to keep from being attacked again. I know it is hard for pacifists to understand but some things are worth fighting for.
Moore got best movie award. You get best blog entry award. Now you can both put your manuscripts up in the fiction section of the Clinton Library (which is the whole library).

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