ACORN Story A Tough Nut To Crack

ACORN is the organization that worked to get Barack Obama elected. The organization is billed as one that helps the under served and they worked hard to register people to vote. Many of the registrations were phony and there were plenty of accusations of fraud. Many offices are under investigation.

Obama taught the people at ACORN when he was a community rabble-rouser.

Recently, two people went into a Baltimore ACORN office and pretended to be a pimp and a prostitute. The stellar employees are on video telling the two how to avoid taxes, how to get a home in which to run a brothel (with under aged girls) and how to hide the prostitutes job. OK a couple of bad people in an office does not make a tainted organization. The two were fired, end of story.

Then a video was released with the same two in a Washington DC ACORN office and they were given the same advice. They were told how to break the law. OK, two instances does not a tainted organization make. Two people were fired.

Now a video with the same scenario and same advice has been released from an encounter in an ACORN office in New York. Two people were fired and ACORN claims the videos were doctored.

We are at three instances of the same advice being given to two people and that advice is how to break the law. This is more than a coincidence. It shows a systemic problem in that organization. It shows just how deeply the corruption runs and yet, the MSM has not reported on it. It has been largely ignored by the MSM. Fox News is practically the only organization giving any time to the story.

Last night Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift as she was giving an acceptance speech for an award that West felt should have gone to someone else.

This has played non stop on the news and West took time in his scheduled appearance on the new Jay Leno show to apologize for his outburst. He has apologized several times since the incident but felt it necessary to do so again. That is all well and good but how much coverage does this warrant? This has gotten a lot more play from the MSM than the corruption that has been exposed in ACORN.

The liberals said there was nothing to the allegations against ACORN when they surfaced last year. Now that the corruption cannot be so easily dismissed the left has found a way to deal with it.

They just ignore it.

Even Obama had more to say about Kanye than he did about ACORN.

Big Dog

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54 Responses to “ACORN Story A Tough Nut To Crack”

  1. Blake says:

    OK- first of all, let us here and now quit referring to them as the Mainstream Media- they are anything but- instead, they should be referred to as the Lamestream Media, or LSM, because they will not cover the stories they should be covering- but then they havean agenda, plus they have this annoying habit of not leaving their desks and accepting faxes from the NYT or AP at face value, and just running them verbatim.
    And they wonder why they are losing readers. I had been an avid reader of newspapers since I was around 14 or so- we had subscriptions to both the conservative and the liberal papers in my town, Houston- now they are down to one badly written, researched, and edited paper, and they wonder- because they are so liberal that they are convinced that they are right, therefore people must read their words, investigation be damned- they know better.
    It is this mindset that is sinking papers, it is not the internet- theinternet is bad on your eyes- hard copy is better- but the content has to be better.
    And Kanye West is a douchebag- a legend in his own mind.

  2. FairestWitness says:

    ACORN is a U.S. taxpayer-funded criminal enterprise and ALWAYS has been. The young journalists, posing as pimp & prostitute, has demonstrated what law-abiding citizens can and must do to expose lawlessness.

    You might ask why ACORN is so susceptible to scams? Because they deal with and assist criminals in gaining federally-funded loans, mortgages, grants, etc. every single day.

    REAL pimps, REAL prostitutes, REAL drug dealers, REAL CRIMINALS are being given help and advice from ACORN.

    Think about what this means… our government is taking lawfully, hard-earned money from productive citizens and using it to encourage and support criminality. Our government is like the Mafia, extorting protection money to fund its various criminal enterprises.

    This has got to stop. We all have a responsibility to expose these people. We have to get involved in cleaning up this mess.

  3. Blake says:

    You would think that some Democrats would actually be ashamed of the Resident’s association with this continuing criminal enterprise- if even half of the accusations were true, it should constitute a great RICO investigation- so WHERE are the Lamestream Media? the Woodwards and Bernsteins? Where are all the gung- ho prosecutors who would knee each other in the groin in the rush to be the one to “get” a Republican?
    Cunningham, Craig, – none of them had siphoned off 53 million in ten years, or stood to have access to everyone’s personal onfo if they had continued to be a part of the census.
    Where is the outrage? Crime doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat?
    Come on all you “progressives” out there- let’s hear it.

  4. Adam says:

    You say “siphoned off” like ACORN stole that money or something. See, you have to twist everything to make ACORN look like the demon you want it to be. Really for an organization of it’s size I’d be surprised if there weren’t many, many more instances of shady behavior.

    But that’s true of a lot of organizations. I’m sure you’ll get on that list of 30,000 other partners involved in the Census to make sure they deserve to have access to “everyone’s personal info” and I’d love to know when you finish that up.

    But again, ACORN is a huge organization with thousands of offices and tens of thousands of employees. Acting like ACORN is rotten to the core because it has scandals is like saying Red Cross is completely corrupt because it’s been caught in fraud multiple times over the years. Or maybe you would say that even about Red Cross, I don’t know…

    But yes, ACORN certainly needs to clean house over the latest scandal, much like they did over the voter registration fraud.

    • Darrel says:

      ADM: “for an organization of it’s size… that’s true of a lot of organizations.”>>

      For example:

      “…Numbers reported by the Department of Defense show a sickening pattern. In 2006, 2,947 sexual assaults were reported — 73% more than in 2004.”
      “Women serving in the U.S. military are more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire in Iraq.”

      Rapists in the Ranks.

      If a handful of people involved in ACORN had been raped, these guys would be calling it a “rapist organization.”

      AMD: “ACORN is a huge organization”>>

      400,000 members.

      The real reason for this mindless and baseless hatred against ACORN?

      “ACORN’s priorities have included: better housing and wages for the poor, more community development investment from banks and governments, better public schools, [neighborhood safety, voter registration, health care] and other social justice issues.”

      So they work to make the world a better place, especially for the poor. Most places in the world this sort of action is understood to be a good thing.

      ps. Mostly it’s the voter registration. Because when more people vote, republicans lose.

      • Adam says:

        Don’t let FairestWitness see what you just said. Why do you hate America, Darrel? Everybody knows ACORN single handedly stole the election for Obama…swinging the vote by 8,538,559. *guffaw*

      • Randy says:

        I’m going to add to your thought Darrel. It’s not only that they are trying to make the world a better place for the poor, it’s that the poor are so undeserving of help, and there is this organization of helping them. There is a fundamental component of some conservative ideology that everyone that works hard in life is rewarded and that those who aren’t rewarded simply haven’t worked hard enough. Of course, the reality of much poverty, especially generational poverty, is very different.

        • Adam says:

          I know I’ve been very snarky in this thread but I have to say amen to that, Randy.

        • Blake says:

          Is this a “it was good enough for my daddy, and my daddy’s daddy, so its good enough for me” generational poverty?
          First I reject the premise that ACORN helps any poor people- I believe it to be a scam, especially when one of the founders pilfers a million dollars from the organization, and is not prosecuted- the fix is in- and then you have the voter registration scandal, now this- how much bad behavior do you excuse before you look like a fool?
          I would say you have reached this tipping point now.
          The truth about America is that the OPPORTUNITY to succeed is there, but if you are too lazy to work for it, oh well- it is not my “duty” to extend a helping hand to those too lazy to do anything useful. Some will fail just because of this- and they should. That, my ignorant liberal friends is “Social Evolution”.

    • Darrel says:

      ADM; ‘ACORN certainly needs to clean house over the latest scandal…”>>

      Jon Stewart let them have it tonight (that’s why he’s America’s most trusted news man).

      But it’s already in the works:

      “Following the release of the Washington DC and New York videos, the Senate voted 83 to 7 to pass an amendment to exclude ACORN from funding under the Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill.”

      As all good freedom loving libertarians know, prostitution is none of the government’s business. It’s two people engaging in commerce. But it really doesn’t need help with government funded assistance.


    • Blake says:

      Yes,I said siphoned off (I say what I mean, and mean what I say) because I have no evidence this criminal organization has used the money as it was supposed to – this is your money, and my money, and I work hard for MY money- I would likre to be reassured that it is being used for its stated purpose, rather than enriching some liberal A**hole- wouldn’t you?
      Or are you OK with your money going to enrich someone else?

  5. FairestWitness says:



    You disgust me!

    You are living proof that the Left has no redeeming value, totally devoid of anything resembling decency.

    I spit on you and all who excuse this cancer eating away at the very fabric of America.

    • Adam says:

      Somebody needs a nap.

      • Blake says:

        You tend to do this to some people Adam- Could it be you?

        • Adam says:

          Look, I can’t help it if facts and reality elicit such a response from wing nuts. I won’t apologize for presenting evidence to make my case wile your side bases everything on paranoia and conservative echo-chamber mythology. FairestWitness apparently can’t refute what I said so he or she just has to foam at the mouth. He or she can correct me if I’m wrong…

    • Darrel says:

      Hey FairestW, I have two questions for you or anyone else, if you have a moment.

      It’s regarding this quote from yesterday:

      “Community service is the first step toward fascism.”
      –Rush Limbaugh, Sept 14, 2009

      For the last 25 years or so, I have, about once a month, in all of the various towns I have lived, volunteered to play piano at retirement centers and senior homes.

      I play the classics like “Oh my Darling Clementine,” and “Silver Threads Among the Gold” and then surprise them with lots of ragtime and boogie woogie.

      It’s enjoyed by all and they say things like “He’s a doosey” and “he’s got a lot of pep.” (actual quotes)

      Two questions:

      Am I taking a step toward fascism by doing this community service?


      Is there any comment so disgusting and revolting, so contrary to truth, honor and human decency that these conservative commentators on the right, like Limbaugh, will refrain from saying it?

      Just wondering.


      • Adam says:


        Everybody knows collectivism is a code word for “I’m too lazy to work so I want to take Blake’s tax money instead.”

      • Blake says:

        There is community service (I serve Thanksgiving and Christmas meals to the homeless, since our children have moved out and have their own lives), and then there is “community service” which is a cover for stealing from the government- this is what ACORN and the Apollo Alliance do- and it is such a pity that you all are unwilling or unable to see this.
        They are a scam, plain and simple, and it is going to spread to the Democratic party in a majorly bad way, if it is proven in court that this is the case, and Democrats are proven to have turned a blind eye to the abuse.

      • Blake says:

        Community service, AS INTERPRETED BY NOBUMMER, is the first step towards fascism- that probably should clarify the sentence, don’t you think?

  6. Adam says:

    Just wait until the conservatives wake up and find liberals running amok in this thread…

  7. Big Dog says:

    There is a difference between Darrel deciding he wants to play boogie woogie on a piano for the elderly and the government compelling him to do it.

  8. Big Dog says:

    Liberals run amok every day. You just are not allowed to shoot them.

    I guess as long as the helping hand is filled with taxpayer money it is OK but let the brave men and women extend their hands to protest the country and you guys spit in it.

  9. Adam says:

    Excuse me, Big Dog, but the only one spitting here is FairestWitness.

    Brave men and women?

  10. Big Dog says:

    You don’t think the men and women in the armed forces are brave?

    Sure, no one will be compelled to perform community service.

    • Adam says:

      The problem is you know it’s all been taken off the table because it’s not right. It’s just something they floated and they were rebuked about and they rightfully caved. We all know this, but you keep pretending it’s still out there waiting to happen.

      • Blake says:

        And you know it isn’t out there because….

        • Adam says:

          You sound like the guy from the liveleak video of rubes at the protest. The guy explained how the reality of “Czars” goes much differently than he’s heard on Fox News and the guy says “You know this…how?”

          Feel free to prove that Obama is planning mandatory community service. That burden is on you, not me…

        • Blake says:

          see BD’s post four above- that has NOT been taken off of the table. It is called a draft. Dog and I know about the draft because we were actually alive at that time, and took part in it. You, on the other hand, did not.

        • Adam says:

          You are wrong. That article is from November 7, 2008. There is no mandatory community service plan in any serious piece of legislation in Congress right now and there isn’t going to be.

          On the other hand, if you want to freak out about every bill that goes to committee that will never ever come out then have at it but you’ll tire yourself out pretty quick.

  11. FairestWitness says:

    Adam, Darrel and anyone else who is minimizing the depth of rot that is ACORN, you people make me sick.

    This organization has been using the taxpayers’ largesse NOT to help the poor, but to promote crime, deviant life styles, election FRAUD!

    They are a cancer on this nation, devoid of any redeeming value and should be shut down. Last night an ACORN representative admitted to murdering her husband.

    The reason this crap is happening coast to coast is because ACORN’s employees & recipients alike are cut from the same rotten cloth.

    How can you lamely say that we just need a little house-cleaning? Are you out of your minds? Don’t you know a criminal enterprise when you see one?

    • Adam says:

      What rotten cloth are you speaking about? I can’t help but worry that there’s some darker biases lurking beneath the surface on that one.

      The woman was lying when she said she murdered her husband. He’s alive. It was a joke. I guess you missed that while you were busy working up all this outrage. It just goes to show you that you’ll take anything anybody says bad about ACORN and ratchet up the outrage over it without first stopping to consider whether it’s even true or not.

      I can “lamely” say ACORN only needs house-cleaning because they are a decades old, very successful organization that advocates for poor and needy people in communities all across the US. They are very good at what they do and they’ve been doing it a long time now.

      When you put any organization of this size with so many distinct parts that handle different facets of work (housing, wages, education, voter drives) under the lens that ACORN has come under then of course you are going to find rotten spots.

      There is absolutely no evidence to suggest ACORN is complicit in any illegal activity on the part of their thousands of employees and each time it comes out they take the necessary action required to clear it up.

      But if in the future I continue to make you sick and make you go on crazy rants with ALL CAPS then feel free to simply ignore me and I’ll do the same for you. Problem solved.

      • Blake says:

        Adam- while FW might be agitated, I feel as he does with this problem concerning ACORN- and I find it insulting to both of our intelligences that you would reflexively ignore a serial pattern of corruption that goes back for years- why would you NOT support a thorough investigation, if you want everything to be seen as aboveboard?
        The way it is now, this will end up as death by a thousand videos, and it will be ugly and damage the Resident.
        Is that what you want? If so, OK then.

        • Adam says:

          I never said no to any investigation, you’re just imagining that. I’m fine with it if somebody legitimate wants one, for the record. I’m pretty sure they’d find many more problems here and there but again the same can be said of any organization of similar size and structure.

          The problem is I can’t take any of you serious on this subject because you have exaggerated and then outright fabricated the link between Obama and ACORN time and again. With the help of serial liars like Limbaugh and Rep. Bachman you’ve turned an organization with flaws into a crime syndicate that exists only to defraud taxpayers or whatever unsubstantiated claim you want to tack on here. It destroys your credibility on the subject…

  12. Blake says:

    I do not see where we have fabricated the $880,000 that Nobama’s campaign committee gave ACORN, nor can I lie about the part where he was an “organizer” for ACORN in Chicago, nor the part where the founder of ACORN’S twin brother is head of SEIU, which has it’s headquarters in the same building as ACORN.
    Are you so blind as to dismiss all of this and more? This is all true, and has been repeatedly documented- extensively.

    • Adam says:

      So how does Obama paying a company for work mean he has ties? I’ve spent thousands of dollars at PathMark grocery in Newark DE over the last few years. Does that mean if they get in an ethics scandal am I to be damaged and shamed?

      Obama has never worked for ACORN, but he was worked with them on different projects in limited ways. How does ACORN’s ethics issues become Obama’s problem? What if a company I worked for a long time ago has an ethics issue. Does that hurt me because I have ties to them?

      How does SEIU equate to ties for Obama and ACORN?

      Notice I didn’t say there are no ties, but I fail to see how Obama’s ties are so substantial as to be an issue. You have to bridge that gap yourself with imagination to blame ACORN’s problems on Obama and Republicans have been working pretty hard at it for a while now.

  13. FairestWitness says:

    Adam, the same cloth is morally & ethically bankrupt criminality. What don’t you understand???????

    Our government is confiscating the funds of law-abiding hardworking Americans and giving it to criminals who are committing crimes against the American society funding them.

    You’re very observant, I am frigging OUTRAGED!!

    No American — forget about frigging political affiliations — should be protecting, making excuses for or minimizing the severity of this putrid stench!

    These people affiliated with ACORN, worker for or recipient of, are worthless pieces of trash who don’t deserve the hard-earned money of the American taxpayers.

    What don’t you understand????

  14. FairestWitness says:

    One more thing, Adam

    We don’t need to investigate ACORN, we need to shut it down, close their doors, cut off their funds — FOREVER!


    • Adam says:

      I don’t understand…for starters…how you can be so “frigging” kooky. What crimes against society has ACORN committed?

      • Blake says:

        Fraud, voter registration fraud, extortion, evading taxes, illegal home loans, aiding and abetting prostitution, child slavery statutes, and probably others I cannot think of offhand.
        And ALL of this in a “continuing criminal enterprise” for which the feds could invoke the RICO statutes.
        SEIU and Acorn are joined at the hip (virtually literally), as the twin brothers Wade and Dale Rathke each own one of these criminal entities, or I should say they are the head of these enterprises.
        SEIU is very good at union intimidation- that is why they would be bussed in to pack the “town hall” meetings and stifle any dissent- they do not do this out of a principled stand, but for the perks that the administration will give them- that is why they are bussed there-
        Astroturf buses-

        • Adam says:

          Take for instance the “voter registration fraud” part. Did people working for ACORN fake registrations to get more money? Yes. They lost their jobs for it. Because somebody working for them did it you want to pretend that ACORN had reason to register fake names when they have absolutely no reason to and nothing to gain from it. You make that logical leap because you don’t have facts to bridge the gap.

          Aiding and abetting prostitution and child slavery? Please. You have no evidence that anybody in those videos took it serious and we do know one woman was a liar and a joker about killing her husband which you folks got duped into believing because you’re so hungry to hate on ACORN you won’t even fact check anymore.

          I’ve love to hear your evidence for all those other crimes you list that make ACORN as “continuing criminal enterprise.” That’s too funny…

        • Blake says:

          When yo have voter registration cases in 14 states, you have a serious serial problem- this is systemic and indicative of ACORN’S business practices- when you have all the other stuff, it just reinforces this perception.
          What I do not understand is how you could defend them.
          At all.
          There is no defense- they are wrong- period.

          • Big Dog says:

            This from the WSJ

            Last week, 11 of its workers were accused by Florida prosecutors of falsifying information on 888 voter registration forms. Last month, Acorn’s former Las Vegas, Nev., field director, Christopher Edwards, agreed to testify against the group in a case in which Las Vegas election officials say 48% of the voter registration forms the group turned in were “clearly fraudulent.” Acorn itself is charged with 13 counts of illegally using a quota system to compensate workers in an effort to boost the number of registrations. (Acorn has denied wrongdoing in all of these cases.)

            A growing number of people once affiliated with Acorn want nothing more to do with the group. Marcel Reid, for example, was one of eight national Acorn board members who were removed last year after demanding an audit of the group’s books. She notes that Acorn received $7.4 million in contributions from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) between 2005 and 2008 but actively fights unionization efforts by its own employees. Ms. Reid also notes that Acorn was sanctioned by the National Labor Relations Board in 2003 for illegally firing workers trying to organize a union.

  15. FairestWitness says:

    Adam, you condescending SOB! I am a 52 year old small business owner with 20 employees with an annual payroll in excess of $750,000, so my employees are highly- skilled, well-paid workers. You can stop with that crap about me being kooky and pretending I’m clueless.

    The federal taxes my business pays and those paid personally by me and my employees is being “redistributed” to criminals. I won’t stand for that. My employees work their butts off, as do I, and I will be damned if I am silently going to sit idly and by and endure one more second of this outrage.

    As for the evidence of ACORN’s involvement in setting up child slavery and prostitution, what about these tapes? There are now 5 of them, coast to coast, offering assistance and advice to these undercover journalists.

    Adam, please … for several ACORN offices to offer assistance to a pimp & prostitute, help with buying a house to run a brothel, staffed with 12 or 13 illegal alien El Salvadoran girls between the ages of 12 to 15, and also how to avoid paying taxes and producing fradulent documents required for the mortgage, PLEASE!!! Anyone with an IQ above 85 can see this is systemic and standard operating procedure for the entire organization.

    ACORN employees weren’t shocked by this couples plans, they accepted it as normal. “Hey man, you gotta do what you gotta do to get by.” Even if it means committing crimes to earn a living. ACORN is supposed to be assisting the poor in finding lawful jobs, lawful, honest mortgages, lawful voter registration. ACORN accepts U.S. tax dollars for these purposes. But that is not what’s happening.

    You lose all credibility when, in the face of indefensible video proof (admitted by the director of ACORN today), you still downplay and minimize this massive corruption. We cannot continue down this path, Adam.

    Our country’s entire economic system is in grave peril. You cannot punish the productive and confiscate so much of their money that they’re discouraged from producing it. There won’t be anything for anybody.

    Furthermore, this is just plain immoral. Our government has no right to take the earnings of its citizens to redistribute it to those who didn’t earn it. It’s wrong.

    • Blake says:

      I agree FW- but you will never get Adam to agree with a true statement, if it runs counter to his dogma- ever.
      I know, I have tried.