ACLU vs Boy Scouts (Again)

The ACLU has been after the Boy Scouts for decades. They have tried every legal method to force the BSA to admit openly gay Scout Leaders. The Boy Scouts have moral standards and they believe in God, these two things are against all that the ACLU believes in. Despite the arguments of moonbats, the Boy Scouts do not have to allow gay leaders and that is their right. It does not make the organization homophobic and it does not make it discriminatory. The Congressional Black Caucus only has black people in it. The United Negro College Fund helps minorities (they don’t specifically claim not to help whites but it is inferred). Why should the Boy Scouts be forced to admit people who do not espouse their beliefs?

The ACLU is now trying to make it so the BSA in San Diego will not be allowed to use a park that they have been using since before it was chic to be gay. The ACLU claims that the BSA is a religious organization and that the park is a government owned park and this violates their skewed view of the establishment clause. They are aiming at the Boy Scouts though many religious groups use the park. The lesbians involved in this suit have never even tried to use the facility but they are involved in trying to hurt the BSA. Seems to me these lesbians are suffering from penis envy.

If you want more information on this story including how you can help the Boy Scouts, read the post at Stop the ACLU.

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