ACLU Up To No Good, Again

The ACLU is going to keep trying to screw with religion until they tick off God. This is from Stop The ACLU:

Gary Harris isn’t seeking converts. Still, the Bible is his business as he spends his days leading classes on its history at Laney and Hoggard high schools. The more students learn, the more complete an experience the Bible becomes, Harris said.

He’s teaching, not preaching, however. The classes are academic courses open to the students who choose them, he said. His 8:30 a.m. New Testament class at Laney has barely an empty seat.
But recent inquiries from the American Civil Liberties Union have raised questions about whether the classes and others like it at Ashley and New Hanover high schools violate the constitutional separation of church and state.

Is a class as secular as courts require if it says, for example, that the Bible’s fulfilled prophecies give testimony to the fact of God’s existence? What if local churches pay the teachers’ salaries? And what if only believers teach?

The civil rights group says only that it is gathering information. But its interest alone may bring significant changes as educators examine what the classes teach and, perhaps more importantly, who teaches them…

Be sure to visit Stop the ACLU to see the rest.

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