ACLU To Provide Cameras To Tape Police

The ACLU in Saint Louis will begin issuing video camera to people so they can tape encounters with the police. Citing the negative experiences in black neighborhoods, the ACLU decided that people should tape the encounters. I do not have a problem with people filming the police. They film people when they stop them so turn about is fair play. I take issue with the fact that the ACLU has taken complaints from poor minority neighborhoods and extrapolated that to some widespread problem.

The police mistreat all races equally. I have seen a number of police officers act in a manner I would not consider professional with people from the entire spectrum of the rainbow. By giving out the cameras the ACLU is asking a certain population to film what they believe to be wrong and ignores the plight of anyone who has an encounter with the police. Since every demographic will not have cameras, it is impossible to determine if the treatment is specific to one group because the other group is assumed to have been treated better.

I am willing to bet there will be an increase in calls, many bogus, just to film the police or to bait them. Crowds will taunt police and try to incite bad behavior. You can bet the behavior will be edited out of the film. One only needs to watch Cops to realize that people who break the law come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Each episode invariably features some half drunk or half stoned guy in a wife beater T shirt resisting the police. There is the obligatory fight and people who resist arrest or fail to listen to the police and end up arrested. There are good and bad cops and it seems this program is designed to increase the ACLU’s coffers by generating bogus lawsuits.

I also have a suspicion that half the cameras will be pawned and the other half used to film everything but encounters with the police.

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