ACLU Joins List Of Katrina Race Baiters

Katrina Storm Clouds I wrote a recent post describing that studies show race was not a factor in the aftermath of Katrina. The study showed that white people died at a disproportionately higher rate than any other group. I have discussed in the past all the failures of state and local government despite the droning on from the left about federal inadequacy. There have been countless examples of an ill prepared city that squandered federal money on casinos rather than safety and then, when the emergency hit, they abandoned their people. Governor Blanco was to busy worrying about her wardrobe and looking in charge and Mayor Nagin was too busy acting like an angry pimp instead of a leader.

Now we have the ACLU joining the race baiting with regard to Katrina. Make no mistake, the ACLU only cares about earning more money for the communists in charge of that anti-American organization. Here is a bit of their prattle:

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have seized – and shocked – our national psyche in an unprecedented way. We were shown image after image of poor black Americans cast aside. But, the poor and black were, in effect, cast aside when the two issues of racism and poverty merged into one, long before a hurricane landed aground on August 29.

Flooded BusesThe ACLU is using the same tactic that the liberal left uses. Say it enough times and make race the cause and people will listen. The fact is, many people in New Orleans took a conscious decision not to leave. If they died, it was on them. I have already pointed out the disparity in deaths, more whites died, yet the ACLU would have you believe that riot control police with shotguns prevented black people from leaving while letting the whites, as the ACLU puts it, board the Ark.

This is race baiting in the finest tradition of Jackson, Farrakhan, Sharpton, and the rest of the uninformed idiots who are supposed to be leaders. The ACLU vampires figured they could swoop in, blame problems on racism, file huge lawsuits, and then get paid taxpayer dollars to be involved.

When are Americans going to wake up and realize that this organization is selective in what rights it protects, is communist based, desires only taxpayer money, and is not in the best interest of the United States? We need to rid ourselves of this scurvy little spider that keeps spinning a web of anti-Americanism across this country.

Read it here.

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2 Responses to “ACLU Joins List Of Katrina Race Baiters”

  1. Great post, which I first saw on the Knickerbocker News site. I came over here to comment, though. I am a contributor over there, but have refrained, because Rosemary asked me to leave out the opinion in my posts there. I thank you for being the first post I saw there, after not visiting for a while. I should know that the “rules” are rather loose, and I should go ahead and post any news story that I refer to at LEAVWORLD over at KN. Thanks, again, and keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

    Later, from LEAV!

  2. Rosemary says:

    I commented over at KN, and Chris! I didn’t mean NO opinion! Oh my God, I’m opinionated, too, eh?!

    They have no right to use someone’s color as evidence of racism. Look at the programs of the Left that keep the families torn apart, young men in prison, and totally ruined the black family.

    This article makes my skin burn with anger. How dare they! I was in the south when there was true racism. I dated a black man. I’m pissed because I saw it happen. I lived through it. We have come far as a nation, and the Left hates it, the bigots! I remember, very dearly, how they treat people who are not black dating black people. STILL. Look at yourself, ACLU. Better dead than red, and better a black man than a Leftist!