ACLU Is Unintelligent Design

This week a judge in Pennsylvania struck down a measure that would have allowed the schools to read a four paragraph paper telling students that there are other theories about our existence and that if they were interested, what book they could read for more information. Intelligent Design is the modern verbiage for Creationism, which is a theory because it can not be proved. Many religions that read and teach the Bible believe that Genesis is all the proof they need. Nonetheless, the written word allows people to believe what can not be proven. There is no scientific test to prove that a God created mankind. This is why religion is a faith, because we must have faith in that which we can not prove.

The judge is perfectly happy with allowing the school to teach another theory and that is Evolution. This is the Darwin THEORY that our species evolved from other, lower forms. Evolution, being a theory, is something else that can not be proven. There are some scientific correlations but there are gaping holes in the THEORY. The ACLU is heavily involved in this because they believe that the four paragraphs are preaching and teaching religion. This could not be farther from the truth.

The lawyers in the ACLU file suits for several reasons and none of them involve protecting out liberties. They are Communist based and only fight for certain liberties, while shunning others. Their prime motivation is money, lots of it, and at taxpayer expense. It is important to remind everyone again that the Constitution says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

The four paragraphs do not involve a religion. They involve an alternate theory and they provide children with other items to read, should they be interested. Congress is not making a law. There is no stated religion that the government is favoring over all others. If there was a mention of God, that too would not constitute any religion because God is not a religion. God is a being about whom religions are based. The ACLU and the parents who filed this are misinterpreting the Constitution. Unfortunately, this nimrod judge does not know the Constitution or the law as well as one would expect of a judge.

The ACLU is calling this a victory and for the moment it is. This will probably not be appealed because the original school board members who proposed Intelligent Design were voted out of office. If I were a student in that school I would ask about Intelligent Design every class in which they try to teach Evolution. That nimrod judge might be able to keep the school quiet but he would have a hard time keeping students quiet though with his misinterpretation of the First Amendment, he would probably try.

I have a feeling that more legal action on this issue will take place and the ACLU will not fare as well. Not all judges out there are blithering idiots and the ACLU has been wearing thin on people.

God Bless America and if you want to learn about Intelligent Design, read The Holy Bible. There ACLU, I said it and if you don’t like it you can go straight to hell. And you can take the judge with you.

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