ACLU Is Psychic

The ACLU has determined that 21 of the detainees who died while in US custody were killed. Mind you, the ACLU was not there when the terrorists were taken into custody and they were not there when the terrorists died. The ACLU looked at DOD data and DREW THE CONCLUSION that the terrorists were killed. If a guy died of blunt force trauma the ACLU assumed he was beaten to death. Maybe the guy was beat up before he got to prison? Maybe the inmates had a fight? There are many ways to get blunt force trauma and not get beaten by a soldier.

The ACLU can not look at a cause of death and determine that it was murder unless it is blatantly obvious. Something like “Terrorist was shot by a soldier for no reason.” That would be an example of an obvious indicator. Blunt trauma, asphyxiation and all the others causes of death are just that. There is no way to make a definite determination that the person was killed. You can die of blunt force trauma if you fall and hit your head. The ACLU is drawing conclusions from facts that are not in evidence.

I look at thousands of records every year and I could give you a number of different scenarios for various injuries. That does not mean the person was murdered. Of course, there will be moonbats who take this as gospel. They are the ones who believe any accusation AGAINST our military. But they support them, like I support the Democratic Party.

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3 Responses to “ACLU Is Psychic”

  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the link.

  2. Surfside says:

    Remarkably, it’s always “blame the military first” with the ACLU, left-wingers and liberal media. It sounds like a clear case of guilty until proved innocent. The ACLU should be defending the soldiers under that premise. Now, there’s a fantasy for you!