ACLU Appeals To Its Base

If you want to see something absolutely hilarious then go here and watch the cartoon video the ACLU has put together. This is a child like cartoon that tries to show the foreign electronic surveillance program as illegal domestic wire tapping. The sad thing is that in order to appeal to the majority of dunderheads that pay attention to the ACLU, they had to make it a cartoon.

The cartoon is full of lies and errors but that is dwarfed by the cartoon itself and the fact that the ACLU felt the need to use this media to get its message across. This shows that the ACLU is full of people with the minds of children and it shows that the only people who this would influence do not deserve to be out without adult supervision.

What will they have next? Perhaps coloring books that inform us that Communism is good. Maybe they will pass out suckers that say “lick Bush” which is a double whammy; appeals to the libs and the lesbians. Maybe they will have stickers like the person at Wal Mart only these will say “I was a good Commie today.” Perhaps they will have disposable diapers that say Bush crapped on my freedom. After all, the only people who pay attention to cartoons are in Huggies or Depends.

Big Dog Salute to Stop the ACLU

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