ACLU And Gays Harass Boy Scouts

A group of homosexuals and atheists are planning to demonstrate against the Boy Scouts yet again. The group, Scouting for All, is planning to demonstrate at a San Diego Boy Scout Camp on Oct 9th. The group has added a new twist to their tired demands. In addition to demanding that homosexuals be allowed to become scout leaders and that the organization strike references to God and allow atheists in, they are now demanding that girls be allowed to join. In case they are not aware, there is an organization called the Girl Scouts. The purpose of the group is to provide scouting for, well…girls.

The Boy Scouts have their own rules and values and they follow them. They do not want homosexuals and atheists in their organization and they are entitled to that. Of course, the ACLU is involved. Never missing the opportunity to pilfer money from the taxpayer, they are on board to push their communistic agenda on the Scouts. I have an idea. If the ACLU and the rest of these organizations have problems with groups that do not include everyone then perhaps they can go sue the United Negro College Fund. This is designed to provide college money for minorities, predominantly African Americans. How about the NAACP? This organization is for the advancement of Colored People. How about the Congressional Black Caucus? Are there any white guys on that? There are countless organizations across the country that have certain requirements for one to belong. They should be entitled to allow who they want in their organization. They damn sure don’t need the leeches from the ACLU sucking money from the taxpayer in support of policy change in THEIR organizations.

In the past Scouting for All has compared the Boy Scouts to the KKK. Here is an idea. Why does not that group and the ACLU sue the KKK to allow gays and atheists in their organization? Why are they leaving a hate group like the KKK alone to practice according to its desires but bothering the hell out of the Boy Scouts? And how dare they compare the Boy Scouts, an organization that teaches values to an organization like the KKK that harasses anyone who does not agree with them? Wait, the ACLU and Scouting for All harasses everyone who does not agree with them. They are the ones who should be likened to the KKK.

I am happy the Boy Scouts are fighting this and not caving to another group who wants to spread its ideas among others who are not interested in them. The Scouts have been here since about 1909 and I don’t think they are going to cave in and placate these groups.

If there is anyone out there who honestly thinks that it is a good idea to allow boys to camp out with homosexual men or that atheism is appropriate to teach to our young? If so, then I suggest you find your own Baden Powell and start your own scouting group. You can call your group the co-ed scouts. And when your kids come home and tell you what fun they had camping out with the girls or how their gay scoutmaster taught them a neat trick called back packing, you will have only yourselves to blame.

I am sure to make someone’s quote of the week and be called a homophobe. I am far from such a thing. I believe that parents are responsible for the safety and upbringing of their children and I do not think that others have the right to impose their views on us or to compel us to do things that we are morally opposed to.

Read about it at World Net Daily.

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8 Responses to “ACLU And Gays Harass Boy Scouts”

  1. killrighty says:

    And when your kids come home and tell you what fun they had camping out with the girls or how their gay scoutmaster taught them a neat trick called back packing, you will have only yourselves to blame.

    rofl! Congrats, you are the first person to make me fall out of my chair laughing today!
    Great post, btw.

  2. Tad Babbert says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I think people should be free to do what they want, but
    apparently the ACLU doesn’t feel the same way. They seem only to want certain groups
    to be able to do whatever they want. Who’s stopping them from starting their own
    scouting organization? The ACLU is the enemy from within. They must be stopped. Thanks
    for the great post.

  3. Adam says:

    Yeah, I was almost agreeing with you until it came to the gay and atheist bashing. There’s no call for that. What is wrong with a homosexual going camping with kids? What is wrong with a kid being taught that there are people who feel that God has no significance to their life?

  4. Big Dog says:

    The idea of religion having significance in a child’s life is up to his parents to decide. It is not for others, that is a function of family despite the village mentality of the left.

    Would you want your child (though I realize you don’t have any so it is hypothetical) camping with a prostitute? A stripper? A pimp? The scouts do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle and neither do their parents. So don’t the parents have a right to make that decision? I would not want my children influenced by atheists or homosexuals. They get their education in that area at home and when they are older they can decide for themselves (though mine are both adults now).

    And no bashing. Just truth about my feelings.

  5. Adam says:

    Look, I don’t care about the scouts or the ACLU. I just think your statements concerning homosexuals and atheists are wrong. Strippers, pimps, prostitutes are like homosexuals how? Do the scouts not allow strippers, pimps, or prostitutes in as well?

    Just so you and all of you other idiots who keep making fun of Clinton’s ideas know, the “village mentality of the left” does not attack family values. “It takes a village” does not mean values are not taught at home. It instead suggests that there is no doubt that “village” or community influences our children, in hopes people would consider that when they make legislation or laws. Have you read the book? I doubt it. Why make fun of it?

    I totally agree that values should be and are taught at home. That is why I think issues like God in the pledge, etc. are a shaky issues still worth discussing.

  6. Kelt says:

    I’m assuming the communist reference was to the origin of the ACLU, which I’m not sure that the ACLU still has any agendas of communism.

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