ACLU Against Flag Desecration Amendment

Now here is a news flash. The ACLU is against an amendment to the Constitution that would ban Flag Desecration. They have a link at their site where people can send a canned text message to elected representatives asking them to vote against the amendment. The ACLU goes so far as to compare America to communist countries where people can be jailed for doing such things. Leave it to the communist ACLU to compare to commie countries.

Anyone who reads this site knows how I feel about the subject and, contrary to the claims made by the ACLU, most veteran’s organizations are not against the amendment. We understand that there are freedoms in this country but no one can convince me that burning a flag is free speech. It is an act and even if it were speech, what is the person trying to say? I can not figure out why it is if a person burns or flushes a Koran it is a hate crime and the media jumps all over it. Why is it that when the KKK marches and holds up racist displays they are attacked by onlookers and when people paint swastikas on their property they are hate mongers, but when some twit burns a flag, he is expressing himself.

I have an idea. The election year is around the corner and many elected officials will talk a good game about supporting the amendment until they get elected. Then, they will forget about it or work to defeat it. It looks like it will probably be a long time, if ever, before it gets passed so why don’t local jurisdictions take matters in their own hands? They can make a law that you have to have a $1000 permit to burn a flag and it must be burned on private property with the consent of the owner. Any person who burns a flag without a permit or on public property would be hit with a $10,000 fine. Since most of the flag burners are mindless losers still floating around in their drug induced euphoria from the 60s, they probably don’t have enough money to afford to burn flags.

There is no law saying that a jurisdiction can’t charge for a burning permit. The ACLU and the rest of the hate America crowd can file all the lawsuits they want but I am pretty sure that since they can make people get permits for mundane things like putting up fences and sheds and for burning trash, they can make them get a permit to burn a flag.

I personally would like to turn a fire hose, full blast, on a flag burner. I would just love to watch the little jackass bounce around the street gasping for air. But, since that is not allowed I will have to settle for the permit idea until they can pass an amendment forbidding the practice of Flag desecration.

The strange thing is, the ACLU and the rest of the jackasses do not want to allow Americans the right to choose this. After the amendment gets through the Congress it still must go to all the states to be ratified. If the ACLU was so concerned about Americans and what they want, isn’t it reasonable to expect them to let the people decide? Of course not! Like the moonbats on the left and the liberal twits in the media, the ACLU thinks they know what is best for people. They truly have worn out any welcome that they might have enjoyed in the past. I would like to know who allowed them to form so we could kick that person’s butt.

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One Response to “ACLU Against Flag Desecration Amendment”

  1. The Bosun says:

    Big Dog and your readership,

    I could never think about desecrating our flag. Too many of our service members have shed their blood for our country. I cannot understand why these leftists insist on insulting the United States of America. And, the lawyers of the ACLU; they have lived very good in the “formerly” home of the free and land of the brave. If the ACLU can swing it, we will be neither free nor brave. I just do not know what this country and ambulance chasers are coming from. R/ Bos’un