Accuse Until You Get Caught

I have long maintained that the democrats have one basic strategy. Lie and accuse until you get caught. Many forget that Monica Lewinski was not taken seriously and was considered a stalker who was enamored with the President. Like with Gennifer Flowers, we had to decide who the believe, this honorable man who is the President or the trashy woman accuser. Lewinski would be a footnote in history if not for that blue dress. She was a liar and an opportunist and “I did not have sex with that woman..” until of course the blue dress reared its ugly and confirming head. Then, Clinton went on national TV and bit his lip while apologizing for an inappropriate relationship. Well America’s left forgave their hero. He lied and he cheated and he accused but he apologized. I am all about forgiving but this legacy is filled with people who believe this was about sex not about lying under oath, a crime.

Now we have Kathleen Blanco, the inept governor of Louisiana who was the first to point fingers at Washington when things went terribly wrong during Katrina. Bush was at fault and the feds were too slow. It was Bush’s fault that anarchy broke out and the poor people had to deal with his uncaring attitude. That was the accusation (an lie if you want to get technical) and now for the problem. Blanco was taped, but did not know, between interviews at a TV station. She was telling her press secretary that it was her fault:

“I really should have called for the military,” Blanco said, while chatting with her press secretary in between TV interviews. “I really should have started that in the first call.”NewsMax

The next day this was all over the airwaves. I believe I first heard it on Limbaugh’s program. This accidental taping was Blanco’s blue dress and you know what comes next. Admit blame and be forgiven. Blanco, in an abrupt about face has now taken responsibility by stating that the “Buck stops here.”

It is too bad she did not have the courage to accept responsibility up front. The American public would be more forgiving if she admitted that she was unprepared for or not convinced of the danger. Instead she was willing to allow the President to take the full brunt of the charges. Blanco was as willing as Clinton to give someone else up to save her own skin. It is a history we knew about in Clinton, the Blanco personality is just hitting the national spotlight.

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