Above The Law: Starring Martin O’Malley

The tide in Maryland politics changed four years ago when Robert Ehrlich was elected as Governor. This is the first time in decades that a Republican has won that office and Ehrlich has been a breath of fresh air in a state where the air has been stagnant with Democratic ineptitude. This year it is a tough election even though Ehrlich has wiped out a budget deficit left to him by the Democrats. We are in the black for the first time in years and it is all because of Ehrlich’s leadership and good old fashioned Conservatism. His challenger, Baltimore City Mayor Martin O’Malley, has a lot of support from the heavily Democratic population but his once double digit lead has eroded into a statistical dead heat.

A recent email from the MD GOP asks the question, “What part of illegal does he not understand?” This question is posed because Martin O’Malley is in favor of having Maryland taxpayers foot the bill for ILLEGAL immigrants in the form of tuition. O’Malley thinks it is perfectly OK for Maryland families to pay $50,000 for this service to people who are not entitled to it. Martin O’Malley also supports allowing ILLEGALS to get driver’s licenses. One of the 9/11 hijackers had a Maryland license thanks to liberal laws that O’Malley and the Democrats in Annapolis support. Martin O’Malley could be responsible for providing the next terrorist attacker with the means to kill Americans and he thinks it is perfectly OK.

O'Malley Crime

What part of ILLEGAL does he not understand indeed? O’Malley is embroiled in a bit of a scandal regarding a DUI he was charged with about 20 years ago. Now I personally do not care that he had a DUI charge 20 years ago. If we stopped people from holding office because of these kinds of things there would be no one to hold office. It would mean no Kennedy would ever be in office again (perhaps I need to rethink this). Of course, Democrats who tried to trump up the same charge on George Bush defend O’Malley. At least Ehrlich is consistent because he stated that he did not think the 20 year old charge was relevant to today and I am sure he felt that way about Bush. The problem O’Malley has is that he might not have put the arrest on his application to the Maryland Bar. He was found not guilty and even if he was guilty it should not keep him from office but, the Bar is pretty specific that it needs to be reported. When asked, O’Malley said that he did not know if he included it. He refuses to release the application and I can’t blame him because it contains a lot of information that is no one’s business. If he releases part of it then they will say he is hiding something. O’Malley could have just said he included it and no one would know, except the Bar might be looking into it. Since he has been so evasive one can only conclude that he failed to report this item.

Martin O’Malley is not good for this state. We need a real leader and we currently have one. A mark of a good leader is the way he develops subordinates. Ehrlich’s LT Governor, Michael Steele, is running for the US Senate seat vacated by the retiring Paul Sarbanes and is a few points behind his challenger Ben Cardin. Steele will win this election and it will mark a changing of the guard in Maryland. O’Malley’s leadership has resulted in seven Baltimore City Police Commissioners in seven years and has earned Baltimore the distinction of being the most dangerous city in America. Does Maryland really need the kind of leadership that O’Malley brings to the table? Of course not and Marylanders are smart enough to know that Robert Ehrlich is the best choice to lead this state.

Here is the text of the MD GOP email:

What part of illegal does he not understand?

Martin O’Malley believes Maryland’s working families should pay $50,000 to subsidize college tuition for each illegal immigrant who applies for it. It’s yet another example of his rewarding illegal behavior, increasing taxes on working families and making it harder for working people to get ahead.

Martin O’Malley’s policies on illegal immigrants are not only misguided – they’re outright dangerous.

9/11 was a tragic day in our nation’s history. None of us welcomed it. None of us wish it again. Laws we shape have consequences. The 9/11 hijackers’ were helped by loose Maryland laws that reward illegal immigrants and enabled one of the terrorists to get a Maryland drivers’ licenses.

Our laws should protect us. They should be respected. America is a nation of laws. There is a right way to enter this country. If you do it the wrong way, you should be held accountable — not rewarded with privileges like driver’s licenses, subsidized in-state tuition and other special benefits.

Martin O’Malley supports giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses and wants you to pay $50,000 for each illegal immigrant’s college tuition.

We should be making it harder for illegal immigrants and terrorists to obtain U.S. identification. But Martin O’Malley doesn’t think so.

Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants.
Martin O’Malley supports rewarding illegal immigrants with drivers’ licenses. (Montgomery Gazette, 2006 Voters Guide)

Weakening Immigration Laws.
Martin O’Malley lobbied Congress to kill legislation that would strengthen federal-state cooperation in enforcing U.S. immigration laws. (Baltimore Sun, 11/28/03)

Martin O’Malley begged the federal government for more security funding, but then hypocritically worked against more funding for law enforcement of illegal immigration violations. (Baltimore Sun, 2/3/2003)

What part of illegal does he not understand?

Typical of all liberals, O’Malley thinks laws are a nuisance and should be ignored. National security and the security of our state require us to reject him on November 7th.

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  1. i think a DUI is very telling about a person’s character. shows that they’re willing to put their convenience of not calling a taxi over the safety of others. jmho.