Above All Else, Humans Have Failings

The Mark Foley fiasco is in full swing with pages coming out of the woodwork to point their fingers. It is good that they are coming forward though I would have to question why they have waited so long to make this known. If it was a problem when it happened (I think it was) and if it bothered them so much (I don’t know one way or the other) then one would expect the pages would have reported the problems years ago when they happened.

The whole issue has been used as some kind of proof that Republicans in general are like Foley and that they can not be trusted. The left ignores its own sordid past in making such accusations and the right is in a tailspin trying to do damage control and show that this was an isolated incident. History shows that these isolated incidents are much more common than we would expect from our elected Representatives. In my opinion, one is too many. The problem is that the right is held to a much higher standard than the left when it comes to issues of morality. This is only natural as the right espouses itself as the party of family values and morals and the left is more a party of free will in the “if it feels good, do it” philosophy. Priests are held to higher standards so when they make mistakes they are scorned more severely than the guy down the street.

Human beings are prone to sin. It does not matter what political party they belong to, what color they are, their country of origin, or even their religion. People are flawed and they commit sin. When Democrats commit sin most people have the attitude that they are expected to do it because they have a loser concept of what is right. When Republicans are caught in a jam they are excoriated because they preach family values. Does that mean that all Democrats commit more sin or that Republicans sin less? Of course not because all of them are people first.

The telling difference between the parties is how they react to a problem within their ranks. The right is not the party of family values because they all espouse those values. They are the party of family values because they hold people to that standard and when they are out of line the right comes down on them hard. Keep in mind that I am not talking about the elected people in the parties. I am referring to the folks who vote for them. We in the Conservative community hold our elected officials to a high standard and when they falter we pounce on them. I have not read one item from a conservative excusing Foley’s behavior. Contrary to the claims of folks on the left, who like to equate any mention of the subject as support for Foley, the right has condemned his actions. The thing that the right has done to upset the left is to seek the truth and motivation behind the sequence of events leading up to the discovery of the problem. We all feel that if anyone on the left knew about this and kept it quiet for political gain then they are as much to blame for the whole mess. No one on the right dismissed or excused what Foley did and that is what makes us the party of family values.

Contrast this with the left and it is easy to see why they are held to a lower standard. They have an attitude that allows them to do what they want with whom they want. Their tolerance for homosexuality and the tolerance of liberal judges toward sex offenders gives them the opportunity to dismiss these things as a part of life. While the right was hammering Bill Clinton the people on the left were excusing the behavior. It was his own business, he was in his home, blah, blah. When Gerry Studds actually had sex with a 17 year old page the left voted him back into office 6 more times. They tolerated his behavior because it was expected. Many of the elected Democrats who are now making a big issue of Foley failed to vote for the articles of impeachment drawn against Clinton. Joe Lieberman spoke out against Bill and he was paid back by Hillary in the primary election. It is obvious that the left has more tolerance when their own people have a tryst. Ted Kennedy was going for a drive to have sex with a woman who was not his wife. He plunged his car into a body of water and left her there to die. He is still in office more than 30 years later.

As stated, these observations are based upon the citizens who are members of a particular party. Addressing the elected officials I will say this, if any of them regardless of party, are found to have known about this and not taken action then they need to be out of office. If an item was reported and addressed, no matter how poorly, then they knew and took action. If, on the other hand, they knew and did nothing or covered it up, then they need to be unemployed. There are a lot of investigations ongoing and it is too early to draw conclusions about this particular aspect. When it all comes out, then we can demand action be taken.

The way Republicans live their lives is only part of the family values position. Holding those who are not fulfilling their moral obligations is a large part of the platform. The left is using this to try to influence the religious base of the right by targeting ads in areas that have been traditional Republican strongholds. It would do the people listening to those ads well to take a look at the people telling them they are the true holders of virtue and values. No matter how they slice it, no matter how they package it for the targeted audience, there is one thing that the “moral superiors” on the left can not deny and that is they continue to support abortion. They continue to push for the murder of future generations of Americans and in my book that does not make them the party that can protect our kids.

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One Response to “Above All Else, Humans Have Failings”

  1. writer chick says:

    Good post, Dawg. I agree, it is hard to take seriously all the ‘concern for the children’ from the left when they support abortion, commutation of sentences for serial killers, and consider bjs in the Oval Office a ‘personal matter.’ I have heard that there were several Dems who knew about at least some of this as long as three years ago. I have a sense this October surprise may well blow up in their faces. And let’s be honest, if Foley were a Dem, they would be circling the wagons and defending him to the max.