About That Culture Of Corruption

The Democrats like to talk about the Republican culture of corruption. I have addressed this in the past and made it clear that corruption knows no bounds when it comes to Congress. However, we do need to take a look at those pardons that Bill Clinton sold gave away like Halloween candy. At the time we were supposed to believe that there was no harm, no agenda, and no money changing hands. Since Clinton sold the Presidency at every turn it was hard to believe. But now we learn that one of the pardons benefited ole Hillary’s brother:

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s brother Anthony D. Rodham has been barred from accessing his bank account while a bankruptcy trustee demands that he repay more than $100,000 in loans from a carnival company whose founder was pardoned by President Clinton, filings in federal bankruptcy court in Alexandria show.
Mr. Rodham, one of Mrs. Clinton’s two brothers, received $107,000 in loans from United Shows of America Inc. after its owners obtained the presidential pardon over the objections of the Justice Department. (emphasis added)

So Clinton pardoned the owner of the a bank that then loaned Mrs. Clinton’s brother money. Nope, no pardons for money going on in that administration. I wonder if Mr. Rodham is a liberal like his sis is? It would explain how he got this money for nothing and then decided not to pay it back.

Yep, there is that culture of corruption that we have been hearing about.

Washington Times

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One Response to “About That Culture Of Corruption”

  1. georgina says:

    Good story…it is always my biggest problem when arguing with my lib friends because they always throw out examples of corruption of Repub’s…they just do everything for money and now we know…the corruption is catching!