About Faces; The Hillary Story

I know that people change their minds about things over the years and I do not expect a politicians, or anyone else for that matter, to hold the same views held 20 or 30 years ago. People change and their tastes change but that change is usually a gradual process. Hillary used to be a Republican and then when she went to College she morphed into a Democrat after all those years of Liberal brainwashing. The lady who Roe vs Wade was about is now against abortion and I am sure that people can find any number of positions that have changed over the years. That is the real key, that they change over years.

Hillary Rodham changes positions each week, sometimes each day and in the last debate she changed in two minutes. Hillary has not had some epiphany, she just says what she thinks people want to hear at the time. She will take a position on an issue when she is in one town and take another when she is in a different place. This worked really well 100 years ago when there was no instant transmission around the world. A politician could claim that he was misquoted in the other town and dupe people into giving their votes.

Hillary has taken many positions in all the time she was in her husband’s political shadow. One could not really fault her is she changed from an opinion held 15 or 20 years ago but this woman has changed positions since she entered the race. She has changed positions on the war, on Social Security, on ILLEGALS and any number of things and she has done so in order to get people to vote for her because getting in office and obtaining power is the most important thing to her. She does not care what people thing after she is in. She can change her mind, ignore promises and do what she damn well pleases and then lie about it when it is time to run again.

She will certainly get votes no matter what because there are people in this country who could not pour water out of a pail if the directions were written on the bottom. There are people who do not know who the Vice President is. There are people who can run 80 Bingo cards at once and cannot figure out a butterfly ballot. There are idiots living in this country and they all get to vote.

Here is a video put out by the John Edwards campaign showing the many faces of Hillary. When you view this, keep in mind that she has said these things since she became a presidential candidate. Better view it now because I do not know how long You Tube will keep it up. If it were put up by a Republican it would be gone already but since it was another donk, they might leave it alone.

If they put Hillary’s head on a coin it will have to be on both sides to reflect that she talks out of both sides of her mouth.

If they put a tail on the coin they couldn’t use hers, it wouldn’t fit. They would have to put her on paper money to pull it off.

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4 Responses to “About Faces; The Hillary Story”

  1. Steve Dennis says:

    That was a great video, I can’t believe I just said that about something John Edwards put together. It is the truth though, Hillary, as you said, will say whatever she has to depending on where she is, to get elected. Hopefully enough people will see through this in time, I have my doubts.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I have my doubts as well Steve,
    We have a society that has a lot of people who believe the government has a duty or moral obligation to provide everything for them. Health care, job, high minimum wage, retirement, Medicare, just name it and people think they are entitled to it.

    That is why people like Hillary appeal to them. They have spent so long living off the hard work of other people they will vote for anyone who promises to give them more of what they are not entitled to.

  3. irtexas44 says:


    When and IF she is elected she will deny she said any of it. The empty minded ones will just agree with her. It is amazing that all of these sheep have made it this far. But then God takes care of idiots and drunks. There seems to be an abundance of them running around loose. I try to stay away from them as much as possible because trying to have a conversation with them is impossible. Their heads are just empty air.

  4. Patsy says:

    Hillary Clinton changes positions as often as a normal person changes undergarments. She will NOT be elected as President of the United States.