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  1. Ferd Berfel
    Friday Jan 27th, 2012

    The statistics are correct; Babies are not humans.
    Murderers, gays and liberals are viable lifeforms, and deserve to be not only protected butt encouraged.
    Not babies. Heck they aren’t really anything.

    Of course I am being factious. Babies are everything; if there is one form of human we must take all care to protect, it is unborn and newly born babies.

    I know people who are vegetarians, because they have “principles,” yet support abortion. That is liberal thinking.
    Sick people.

    There is only one point about abortion that has a valid future; Retro-active abortion. For instance, we know know that Obama is a traitor and a liar who actively seeks the destruction of this country. Solution? Retro-active abortion!
    He was elected by a cadre of idiots. Those idiots were whipped into a frothing heaving un-washed voting block by community organizers, of the liberal persuasion. I don’t blame the idiots; they are idiots.

    However, those doing the whipping? Retro abortion for them. “Sorry kid, you were actively subverting your country! Into the vacuum you go!”

    Ya, there is a future for retro-abortions! It makes a lot of sense; we don’t have any evidence the any unborn is guilty of any crime that warrants death, but we sure have plenty of evidence that every liberal is guilty.
    Liberals have amply proven they are not fit to lead free people, and not able to follow them.

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