Abortion Is Safer Than Birth, For Whom?

A new study shows, according to those who researched it, that women are 14 times more likely to die during or after giving birth than they are from complications of an abortion. Dr. Anne Davis tells us that both procedures are safe but they are trying to let women who have reproductive issues know that abortion is not as dangerous as the anti abortion forces claim.

There is no doubt that childbirth is very stressful for women. A lot of stress is placed on the body and sometimes there are complications that lead to death.

However, while a woman giving birth might be 14 times more likely to die than if she had an abortion, the unborn children are nearly 100% more likely to die from an abortion than from child birth. I say nearly 100% because some infants die during child birth and some survive an abortion attempt (until Obama lets them be murdered) but they are much more likely to survive childbirth than abortion.

The study only takes into account the women involved and does not mention the unborn children. The fact remains that if women never died during childbirth or abortion, the unborn child almost always dies during abortion and almost always lives after childbirth.

These studies are designed to make abortion more acceptable and to attempt to discredit those opposed to the procedure. Abortions are safe, don’t worry about it. My God, you are 14 times more likely to die giving birth than you are having an abortion. Get the abortion, it helps you, it protects you, and it lines the pockets of Planned Parenthood.

How long will it be before the federal government requires the abortion murder clinics to tell women they are safer having an abortion than having a child?

Imagine if doctors told women that they are relatively safe either way but that their unborn children are nearly 100% assured of dying a horrible death if they have the abortion.

I know liberals. It is a woman’s body and her right to do what she wants with it. My question is, if it is her body then why are they tearing the arms and legs off her unborn infant. Whose body is it that gets aborted?

Pesky little kids, thank goodness we have abortions so that girls are not punished with pregnancy and they can have the same chances as boys in our society.

And it is safer than giving birth.

Really, tell that to the unborn children who thought they were being protected by their mothers…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Abortion Is Safer Than Birth, For Whom?”

  1. Ferd Berfel says:

    The statistics are correct; Babies are not humans.
    Murderers, gays and liberals are viable lifeforms, and deserve to be not only protected butt encouraged.
    Not babies. Heck they aren’t really anything.

    Of course I am being factious. Babies are everything; if there is one form of human we must take all care to protect, it is unborn and newly born babies.

    I know people who are vegetarians, because they have “principles,” yet support abortion. That is liberal thinking.
    Sick people.

    There is only one point about abortion that has a valid future; Retro-active abortion. For instance, we know know that Obama is a traitor and a liar who actively seeks the destruction of this country. Solution? Retro-active abortion!
    He was elected by a cadre of idiots. Those idiots were whipped into a frothing heaving un-washed voting block by community organizers, of the liberal persuasion. I don’t blame the idiots; they are idiots.

    However, those doing the whipping? Retro abortion for them. “Sorry kid, you were actively subverting your country! Into the vacuum you go!”

    Ya, there is a future for retro-abortions! It makes a lot of sense; we don’t have any evidence the any unborn is guilty of any crime that warrants death, but we sure have plenty of evidence that every liberal is guilty.
    Liberals have amply proven they are not fit to lead free people, and not able to follow them.