Abortion Causes Need For Workers

Wayfarer sent me an article that you can find at Break Point. It is a very interesting perspective on illegal immigration. We have heard all the rhetoric and we have heard that the illegals come here because they do jobs that Americans will not do. The article goes on to explain that there are not enough people to fill all the jobs that would be vacated if we deported 12 million people. The first item discussed is respect for the rule of law, the second welcome people (as Christians should) no matter how they got here. The third point is this:

The reason we must allow millions of illegal aliens in to fill these jobs is because we have murdered a generation that would otherwise be filling them: 40 million sacrificed since 1973 to the god of self-fulfillment. And Americans are barely maintaining a replacement-level birthrate of 2.1 children per woman.

Very good point and right on target. If we had not allowed the murder of all these babies they would be filling those jobs today. Instead we have to import people (or more accurately, they sneak in) to do the jobs. We could have a hell of a lot of workers if the liberals would not have allowed them to be killed off. Read the rest of the article. I am sure you will find it enlightening.

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