ABC Holds Path to 9/11 Because of Hillary

The movie The Path to 9/11 caused a huge uproar when it was first aired because the Clintonistas were upset with the content. Bill Clinton was on TV wagging his finger and telling everyone that the movie was a pack of lies and his fellow incompetent players were all up in arms. ABC had to change a few things to smooth things over but the changes were not enough to appease the people who were concerned about a legacy. The movie was factual and portrayed events as they occurred but that is not what people who spend their lives rewriting history want us to see.

The movie is back in the news but for a different reason. The Path to 9/11 was scheduled to come out on DVD back in January but that was delayed by ABC because Hillary Clinton is running for the Presidency. The man who wrote the movie is thoroughly disgusted with ABC because they have basically put a hold on the movie so as not to cause potential damage to Hillary’s quest for power. I wonder if this could be considered a gift in kind?

This is not new when it comes to Democrats because the liberal networks work overtime to appease them. The film Stolen honor about John Kerry and his service in Vietnam was nixed in a lot of markets after Kerry and his people complained about it. It is strange because I seem to remember a mad rush by all the outlets to get Fahrenheit 9/11 (the Michael Moore crockumentary) out all over the place. It was available free for download and the distributor agreed to release it in early October, before the 2004 Presidential election (from Michael Moore’s website). It was not broadcast on TV but it was certainly made available before the election in a direct effort to influence the outcome of the election.

ABC though, has decided that it should not let Americans buy movies that might influence people’s decisions. It has decided to fore go the millions (probably 100 million) the DVD would earn solely to help a person they would like to see win the election.

I believe that people should boycott ABC/Disney and not buy any DVDs they put out until this one is released. If it is not released well before the election then people should not buy anything that company puts out at all. We need to make them feel this in their pocketbooks. If they do not release it very soon then this movie will be the only one I ever buy from that company in the future.

It is all about fairness and business. The man who wrote it was told it would be released in January 2007 and it was not for one reason and one reason only, to help Hillary. I just wonder if he can sue for any lost revenue?

And Liberals say there is no media bias…

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  4. GM says:

    Good article BD, I’d contribute to a lawyer for the author to sue ABC… you bet!

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