ABC Bows To Democrats

The next time someone tries to tell you that the MSM is committed to telling the truth and that they are not biased, remind them of the ABC movie Path to 9/11. The movie is a factual account of the Clinton years that show some of the inadequacies of his administration and the way his inaction led to the 9/11 attacks. The truths in this movie have been spelled out in other publications in the past but now that a movie is going to air the Democrats have come unhinged.

ABC has decided, because of Democratic pressure, to alter the movie a bit. They are making changes solely on the words of Democrats. They took the word of a national security threat named Sandy Berger over others involved in the movie. Berger, as you will recall, was caught stealing classified documents from the National Archives and then putting other documents in the Archives. ABC has decided that the words of the Democrats have more merit than the words of the people involved in the movie without a shred of evidence to refute the claims made in the film. If ABC were interested in the truth they would have made the Democrats offer proof of their claims and not just taken their word on it.

Imagine, if you will, a movie about the failings of the Bush administration. If any members of the administration protested to ABC do you really think ABC would change the content? Of course they would not but they are doing that to save their hero Bill Clinton. This smacks of media bias and ABC should be taken to task for their decision. I urge everyone to go to their website and fill out a comment and send it to them. They must realize that they are offending the Conservative base by bowing to the pressures exerted by the Democrats.

This is an unfortunate but all too obvious attempt by ABC to march in lock step with the Democrats who run the media. This is no different than the networks calling Florida in the 2000 election for Gore on the request of the Democrats even though the polls had not closed. ABC is once again demonstrating why Fox is well respected in the industry.

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3 Responses to “ABC Bows To Democrats”

  1. Laurie says:

    Here’s the comment I left for ABC:
    I cannot believe that you would bow to the pressure of a political party to make any changes to your movie Path to 9/11. If this does not show “media bias” I do not know what does. How many whiny crybabies who refuse to take responsibility for their failure to act does it take to make you change your programming? Hundreds, thousands, 10’s of thousands? Or just a few certain influential ones?

  2. rapchat says:

    Let me see if I have this straight – ABC airing a movie that adds made up scenes and events that negatively portray real people while still claiming to be a “docudrama” (which implies a fictional portrayal of real events) just before an election is not media bias? But correcting the facts and removing scenes and events that did not happen is media bias? Goebbels would have loved your logic….

  3. Big Dog says:

    Obviously, you espouse moonbat logic becuas eyou assume the events did not happen because Bill Clinton said they did not. He is already known to be a liar. There were people there who said it happened.

    Listen tonight to my show on Wide Awakes Radio and you will hear quite a bit of evidence to back up the claims, if you have the guts for the truth.

    As for just before elections, perhaps you should go out and look at what the NYT and others tried to do prior to last election like reporting 18 month old stories as if they were new. And have you forgotten CBS?

    It is now called a docudrama because it uses composite scenes. Notice that the MSM did not do the same thing to Moore’s film. Perhaps you have spent too much time in the kool-aid line….