A Roundup Of The Insane

Media to Obama’s rescue

The Media Wing of the Democrat Party is in full fledged help Obama mode. Obama went to the airwaves today and said his last plea for us to contact our officials has provided overwhelming response. He did not indicate what the percentage of people opposing his ideas is, but nonetheless he said it and then said to keep doing it as if he intends to listen to what the people want. He also said for people to Tweet about it. So a New York Times reporter got on Twitter and asked if there was a special hashtag people could use to show their support of Obama and against the Republican plans. The White House readily agreed and did it.

At 10:55 a.m. the Times’s Jennifer Preston suggested that administration flacks should create a hashtag for tweeting Democrats to jointly target Republicans who are now trying to pass their own debt ceiling plan.

At 11.04, the White House’s press shop announced a new hashtag for Democrats to use when targeting GOP members of Congress. The message read: “@NYT_JenPreston People responding to POTUS shld use #compromise. As he said, it is ‘time for #compromise on behalf of the American people’” The Daily Caller

Yep, the media looking out for the folks. Ooops, I mean the Media Wing of the Democrat Party aiding and abetting in the crimes…

Poor Obama is not getting any sleep.

Valerie Jarrett said Obama is not getting any sleep over this whole budget issue. Boo fricking hoo. He is probably not getting sleep because if the mess goes into the weekend it might ruin his golf game.

How about all the people who don’t get sleep because they lie awake at night worrying about getting a job or paying their bills. How about the folks who worry about the massive debt the US continues to accumulate? How about those who worry their children will be slaves to government debt?

I don’t feel sorry for Obama. He asked for the job and this is what goes with it.

If you want to discuss not getting sleep we can take him to Iraq or Afghanistan where he can sleep in the desert worrying about a shell landing on him. Or we can take him on patrol and see if he loses sleep worrying about stepping on an IED.

No sleep indeed, poor baby.

The TEA Party Terrorists?

William Yeomans of Politico has a hit piece out calling the TEA Party folks terrorists who are out to hurt people over this debt limit issue. For a party that does not like the word terrorist or terror they sure use it a lot. The true terrorists in this issue, if we are to accept Yeomans’ definition of terrorist, are those who want to continue to raise our debt limit, who want to impose more taxes, who want to enslave our children to government and who are playing games with our country and its strength. Those people are in Congress and come from both parties. The TEA Party members of Congress are the ones who are looking out for our welfare (as in safety and not handout programs) and who want to get control of government spending. The terrorists are entrenched in the White House and the Congress and they are not the TEA Party folks.

Yeomans is another in a long line of liberal morons who do not understand that we are on an unsustainable path. He is of that ilk that does not care as long as he gets his…

But, but, but, its for the children. How come people like Yeomans will scream it is for the children when they want to pass some BS plan that spends money and increases government control but when our children are (or will be) actually harmed they don’t care?

Obama Stimulus Anemic

We were supposed to get big gains from Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus but it looks like we don’t have the jobs and the economy is in a rut. The GDP growth for the First Quarter was revised down to a mere 0.4% (Fourth Quarter last year was revised down as well) and the GDP growth for the Second Quarter is in at 1.3% (will this be revised down as well) so it is obvious that the stimulus is not, shall I say, stimulating. I know the Obama apologists will say that this was expected and it is a blip and all that but the article clearly indicates that economists had expected higher numbers. Growth for the last few years is being revised down.

Economists had expected the economy would show signs of perking up by now with Japan supply constraints easing and gasoline prices off their high, but data has disappointed. CNBC

I said it before and it bears repeating; spending money to solve a debt problem is like trying to cure alcoholism by drinking more booze. Don’t they understand or are they trying to kill us off?


Obamacare Will Increase Health Care Spending More Than If We Did Nothing

Obama and the Democrats who rammed Obamacare down our throats told us that the program would bend the cost curve down and control the cost of health care in the US. Those evil insurance companies were gouging people and the costs are just too darned high. Da, da ta da, government to the rescue.

Oops, looks like the cost of health care in the US will increase drastically under Obamacare and this is according to reports from within.

And let us not forget that Pelosi told us this monstrosity would create 400,000 jobs. I have not seen them.

These are just a few of the things going around today that should send chills down your spine. The government is out of control and being led by a Socialist who is intent of having centralized government and changing America from the freedom loving country to a slave state where we all work for the feds.

Fundamental transformation anyone?

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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9 Responses to “A Roundup Of The Insane”

  1. Adam says:

    “I said it before and it bears repeating; spending money to solve a debt problem is like trying to cure alcoholism by drinking more booze.”

    We shouldn’t be solving a debt problem. We’ve just made up the debt problem as a way to avoid dealing with our real problem: Decreased revenue fueling deficits and decreased consumer demand slowing GDP and job growth. So remind me again how trillions in cuts to spending is going to fix our problems?

    “…so it is obvious that the stimulus is not, shall I say, stimulating.”

    The stimulus is done for the most part. The biggest impact was last year. The hope was that when the money began to run out that the boost would get us over the hump. It has not. It still goes back to the package not being big enough to counter the size of the recession.

    It would be like bringing a bucket of sand to fill in a hole you estimated. When you get to the hole and find it bigger than you’d thought you still have the same amount of sand to put in there. You can just dump it in and hope for the best. The stimulus was never supposed to fill the hole to the top but it was supposed to shrink the hole a little.

    You point out that GDP was revised down for several years but note that it was revised all the way back even before Obama took office. The recession was found to be worse than we’d thought it had been just a few days ago. That we saw the GDP and job growth that we did up to now is all on the stimulus.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      To remind the weak-of-mind; when there is less income, be it from taxes or from wages or profits, non-productive spending MUST be curtailed.
      What part of this don’t you understand, odd one?

    • Big Dog says:

      We have 14 trillion in debt and over 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and we just made up the problem? We spend TOO much. So, why didn’t the Republicans solve this when they controlled the government, a favorite refrain from Barney Fwank.

      Why didn’t Democrats solve it when they had total control?

      Because they do not want to and yet you think they can raise the debt ceiling and then get down to business solving this? Get real.

      And why not extend it a year, or two years or five years. Why 16 months? Because Obama does not want it to affect his reelection. Now who is playing politics?

    • Big Dog says:

      We did not spend enough on stimulus? We spent too much. You can’t stimulate by adding debt. This is especially true when one considers that the argument is to spend during to downturn and make it up when things are good. Problem with that (besides the fact that deficit spending does not stimulate) is that they never make it up when they get the good times rolling. They spend EVEN MORE.

      A spending problem, not a revenue problem.

      • Adam says:

        “Now who is playing politics?”

        I’m not sure why you’re always shocked to find politicians playing politics. The truth is the debt ceiling is not a call for more debt, it’s just a call to pay for the debt Congress has already run up. What your side is saying is that you’re going to condone all the policy that the GOP used to drive up this debt but then draw a line in the sand and refuse to pay for it after the fact. Worse, you use the crisis your side created in order to call for your original goal: To weaken our social programs to the point the public might someday call for removal.

        “You can’t stimulate by adding debt.”

        And yet we did. You have to ignore reality to suggest such a thing. This dogmatic viewpoint of yours has no basis in fact or legitimate opinion. You hate the spending so you’ll simply make up reasons why you think it was a bad idea.

        • Big Dog says:

          No one said we should not pay the debt we owe. We differ on how to do it. I want spending cuts to government programs and elimination of duplicate programs, downsizing of departments and elimination of waste. Those cuts should bring us in line before we agree to up the debt limit.

          We did not stimulate a thing. Unemployment still high, GDP at a fraction of what they said it would be and the country is going to hell in a hand basket and we are out of hand baskets.

          My side did not manufacture this crisis. Your Treasury Secretary put the arbitrary date out there when he knows damn well we will not default. The credit agencies and Geithner himself know we can pay the debt we owe. We will have to cut some programs.

          That is coming one day or another Adam. We will need austerity measures soon because we cannot afford what we are paying out.


          And I like how you say my side manufactured a crisis and is taking advantage of it. That has been the MO of your side all along. never let a crisis go to waste was uttered by a guy on your side and the manufactured crisis to get the stimulus, the manufactured crisis to get Obamacare. How many times did Obama say we must act now about one thing or another?

          So even though I disagree with your assertion, if I assume it to be true for the sake of argument then all I can ask you is, how does it feel?

          You did not complain when your side did it so if you believe my side is now doing it then suck it up.

  2. carter says:

    Why is ObamaCare being implemented? I thought it was held up in the Courts. No matter though, the effect on medical companies and the medical community is taking its toll. The Rapist in Chief is having his way with us and nobody knows how to say “NO”.
    The credit limit on my business cards went up again, the last thing on my mind is buying a vehicle with one, what are they thinking? Oh, we spend our way to wealth, that’s it.

    • Ferd Berfel says:

      It is disingenuous to call Obama The Rapists in Chief.
      There are plenty, including one who habitually embarrasses himself here, who enjoy having Obama poised behind his raised anticipatory erogenous zone. To people like that, who indeed represented the majority of active voters in the last presidential election, it isn’t rape. The submit gladly to the act, in fact, they relish it. They call it “progressive.”

      And we wonder why muslim fundamentalretards call us infidels? Obviously over 50% of the voters, in the last presidential election, are exactly that!

  3. CoolCat says:

    Maybe what we really have is a moral issue and a values issue–not a budget issue.

    Our gov’t and its blind-disciple media are excellent at convincing the uninformed that gov’t can, should, will, has the right to, and can continue to “redistribute the wealth.” That, boys and girls, is 2 things: “class warfare” (divided we fall), and “stealing.” That is not what made this country great! Hard work, opportunity for anyone willing to ‘go for it’, individual responsibility, and neighbors helping neighbors is what made this country great. Big Brother and its zillion new laws, rules and regulations; Union contracts negotiated by politicians who will not be around when the huge, over-promised (non-existent) pensions come due … these are “tyranny” by our government…YOUR freedoms lost!

    To stop the nonsense of Congress spending (OUR) money to buy votes the same way they always have is exactly why the Tea Party movement started–a simple grass-roots movement–which has been mischaracterized and demonized by the Left and the media, as if they were ignorant, gun-toting, religious fanatics. Typical attacks that couldn’t be farther from the truth! When you don’t have a truthful argument, attack, cast aspersions, call them names, and most typically, the usual practice of liars: “projection.”

    I doubt that hard-core Liberals will ever understand that the problem is spending … and that taxation, regulations and new laws are counter-productive. Once a person’s drank the Kool-Aid, there’s no common sense allowed in.

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead