A Nation of Wimps

To follow-on to the previous post, we are a nation of wimps. Oh sure, there are people who say, “Oh, I’M a man. *I* won’t stand for this or that.” But the man who will actually follow through with those actions is rare and in today’s country will often find himself in jail. How about these two recent incidents from the world of professional sports:

Atlanta pitching coach Roger McDowell is alleged to have threatened to knock out some teeth and “made a slur” against a fan (He asked 3 hecklers if they were a homo couple). And you can bet the bum making the various complaints wants cash with his apology — sadly, he’ll likely get tons from the Braves, too. And the queer alliances are all up in arms and want McDowell fired. GROW A PAIR, you wimp! Oh, you were scared the guy was going to knock your teeth out — hey, walk away if you’re that damn scared! Oh, your children were scared — maybe because they were afraid you weren’t going to protect them, you damn wimp.

In another story a player was suspended for throwing a PLASTIC trash can at people who were throwing water bottles at him — at a double-A game. Was anyone hurt? Nope. Was anyone ever in danger? Well, other than the player who threw the trash can, nope! This is another load of crap, showing how this country has become an oversensitive group of weenies. I’m not sure there’s any way to actually injure anyone with a damn plastic trash can! Maybe if you sit in the can while being shoved off a 10-story building would work.

Grow up and grow a pair, you wimps!

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One Response to “A Nation of Wimps”

  1. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Note; “Oh, your children were scared — maybe because they were afraid you weren’t going to protect them, you damn wimp.” Homos don’t have children.
    You can beat the snot from as many queers as you want, all you to certain about is you MUST be the first one to call the cops. My solution? I call the cops and say, ” I am about to beaten up by some guys at…and give address.” Then I hit hard, first and repeatedly. When the cops get there, I am the only witness standing, and say what ever I need to say.
    And it all hinges on the fact that I have established that THEY are attacking ME, and the phone call does that. It establishes priority; after my call, they are counter-charging, and the primary charge in an assault case wins; it is like getting hit from the rear with a car.
    So don’t fear the lawsuits. Have fun! Kick ass and get away clean, or better, sue them when you are done! The law works either way, and it is your duty to know how it works.