A Marine Needs Our Help

My friend Laurie at Soldiers’ Angels sent me an email asking that I spread the word about a Marine who needs our help. This Marine is not home because he was wounded, he is home because his little boy has cancer and is getting chemotherapy. I read Laurie’s entry and it was so good that I will use it to relay the story. When you are done reading it, please help in any way that you can.

G. is a Marine assigned to 3rd LAR Bn Delta Co, Twenty-Nine Palms, California. He was deployed to Iraq on 6 March 2006. On or about the 1st week of May he was notified by a message from the Red Cross that his 11 year old son was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. As hard is it was for him to accept this information and knowing that he had to leave his fellow Marines back in Iraq to carry on the mission without him, he returned to the United States to be at his son’s side for this ongoing processes of undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

The boy is currently undergoing chemotherapy in San Diego at Balboa Naval Hospital. Balboa is about three hours (if traffic is good) from Twenty-Nine Palms where they are currently stationed. The doctors will not allow him to travel to Twenty-Nine Palms throughout the length of chemotherapy which is about six months. Since chemotherapy wipes out the immune system any infection can be fatal, he must stay in San Diego where he can receive treatment.

This family is in desperate need of our prayers. They do not have any family in California and have sent their 7 year old daughter to family in Texas. Besides our prayers they are in immediate need of gas cards, gift cards for food, cards of encouragement and monetary donations. For the past three weeks G. has been paying for food and lodging and all expenses in San Diego out of his own pocket. His unit is working on getting him moved to be stationed at San Diego, but that procedure takes awhile and in the meantime they need our immediate assistance.

If you can help, please contact me. If you are a blogger, please consider linking up to help this Marine in his time of need.

Update: Walmart and grocery store cards – Vons, Ralph’s/Kroger, and Albertsons. Gas cards – Shell.

There are others helping and you can see the list at Soldiers’ Angels (link above). If you can help, contact Laurie.

Thank you and God Bless

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3 Responses to “A Marine Needs Our Help”

  1. Laurie says:

    Thank you so much! :kiss_ee:

  2. Webloggin says:

    A Marine Needs Our Help…

    Hi. We will help in this effort to spread the word. Our prayers are with G and his family.


  3. Laurie says:

    Update: We have had an overwhelming response for this need. So much so that the family has asked us to direct some of the support to other service members in need. Stories of two other such families HERE.

    Thank you very much!