A Lot Of Talk, No Action

Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC declined a last minute offer by Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the RNC, to be on Meet The Press at the same time and debate the issues. Dean, who was at the studio, declined that offer. Dean’s people said he only agreed to go on the show if the two were interviewed at different times.

Well, for all his bravado and tough talk, it turns out that Howard Dean is spineless. I have figured all along that he is a coward and his refusal just brings that to light. The Screamer does not mind going out there and talking badly about everyone under the Sun. He has no problems with calling Republicans Nazis and telling everyone how Republicans have never worked in their lives. He does not even mind making connections between Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito and the Mafia, so long as he has no opposition.

As soon as someone challenges him and gives him a chance at an honest debate, face-to-face, Dean tucks his tail between his legs and scoots under the couch. This braying jackass has no testicular fortitude. What did he have to be afraid of? Perhaps he was worried that someone would actually expose him for the fraud that he is. Perhaps he was worried that the message train would get derailed. Whatever the reason, Dean showed little courage in the refusal.

I imagine I will get an email from the kool-aid drinkers at the DNC in a day or two spinning this so I can understand it. I am sure it will be full of they tried to trap me stuff. Hey Howie, if you believe in what you are saying and are convinced you are correct, you never have anything to worry about.

Read it at Drudge.

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One Response to “A Lot Of Talk, No Action”

  1. Don Surber says:

    Hey, President Mehlman? Bush 41 and Dole were RNC chairs