A Lawsuit Would Get A Response

A 5th grade boy wrote on his desk and the teacher caught him. Now most adults would recognize that the child did something wrong and then provide an appropriate punishment. The child could have been made to wash his desk and all other desks in the classroom during recess or after school. The child could have been made to wash his desk and then be given detention for a certain period of time.

There are plenty of methods of punishing a child for doing something wrong that will provide the child a lesson and prompt him not to do the bad thing again. The teacher’s punishment was not appropriate. She forced the child to lick the desk clean.

The parents of the child were very upset and wanted something done to the teacher for the inappropriate punishment. They have gone through the proper channels to get their concerns addressed but have been stonewalled. They even said that the issue could be resolved if the teacher were forced to get in front of the class and apologize but the principal says he can’t do that because it would be a directive which he cannot give (what sense does it make to be in charge then) and that it would not be sincere.

They have been advised that the teacher was dealt with but the situation is confidential.

I have an idea that will get them a response. The parents should get an attorney and sue the school and the teacher for a ton of money.

I bet that all kinds of directives can be issued by the principal if they will avoid a huge lawsuit and I bet the teacher would publicly apologize and be sincere if it will keep her from paying out money.

Of course I think it is too late for that and the parents should go for all they can get. The people in these positions need to be made examples of in order to keep them in line.

I do not condone what the child did and certainly he deserved an appropriate punishment. If that had happened there would be no issue.

But this teacher went over the line and the principal is not working to resolve it to the satisfaction of the parents so now it is time to make them pay.

If they can’t get satisfaction then lick them in court…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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7 Responses to “A Lawsuit Would Get A Response”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    I would sue them for putting a child’s life in danger. Heaven only knows what bacteria/germs he could have licked off of that desk.

  2. Real Deal says:

    While I agree that the teacher’s solution was not one I would have chosen, I’d be willing to be that kid never writes on another desk.

    And Babs lets cut the histronics and be honest. Kids stick way dirtier and disgusting things in their own mouths of their own free will for the sheer fun and curiosity of it.

    Thing is do we know the whole story here? Did little “Timmy” have a history of writing on the desk? Had he been punished for this act before? Had his parents already been informed of their child’s issue with vandalizing school property with either no feedback or negative feedback from the parents?

    Part of the problem these days is that the Left has gotten two very important groups at odds with one another, Parents and the schools. Neither trusts the other one iota, and in turn this undercuts the authority of both. So the kids end up running wild with adults who are terrified of metting out discipline to children who are in dire need of it. Schools are terrified of lawsuits and don’t even support teachers when they are beaten by students, and parents are terrified of thier children calling 911 and social services on them. Add to that the fact that teachers are required by law to report anything that even MIGHT appear as abuse to not just to school administration but the police too.

    Really we’ve inserted too many layers of lawyers and government into what should be personal interactions. Welcome to the Nanny State.

    • Big Dog says:

      Quite possibly so BUT as I pointed out in the post, there are several methods for punishing the child that do not involve licking the writing off the desk. That is not an acceptable punishment in any way shape or form. No matter how many times he has written ont he desk licking it clean is not an acceptable method of punishment. How would it be of they caught him peeing on the toilet seat?

      It appears as if the parents tried to remedy it but were stonewalled. in that case a lawyer can do the trick. I am not one to involve lawyers as a first solution but this appears to be well into the issue with no acceptable result.

      • Real Deal says:

        As I also said, it’s not the punishment I would have chosen. I’m also pointing out that people’s attittudes seem to be part of the problem we face with kids today.

        Answer these questions honestly:

        1) Was the child phisically harmed by the punishment?

        2) How likely do you think the possibility is that the boy or his classmates will vandalize school property?

        Was the punishment unusual and on the outrageous side? Absolutely. Would I want my child subjected to it? No. However many punishments that were routine in the past are now considered to be just as outrageous. Washing the mouth out with soap? Castor oil dosing? Hot sauce on the tongue? Switching? Spanking?

        Again Big dog I think you’re going off half cocked based on limited information. Sure parents get involved when they think their child has been wronged. However, I have seen many a parent ignore or live in denial of their own child’s unacceptable and behavior towards teacher’s and caregivers. Should this teacher be disciplined? Yes, and the Administration should handle it. Did the child suffer physical injury as a result of the punishment? No. Thus lawsuit is NOT NECCESSARY. On this BD you’re sounding like a liberal, get lawyers and govenrment involved where they aren’t needed.

        • Big Dog says:

          While I understand your point I think you are missing mine. I have never gone for this line that yeah we handled it but we can’t tell you how. The parents, from the story, sought to have the issue resolved and have been stonewalled. Getting a lawyer involved will remove the stones.

          I am merely pointing out what they should do in their case but am certain I would have handled this differently. I do not care if the child was harmed as I am sure that licking a desk is not an appropriate form of punishment listed in the school’s handbook. If they can’t spank kids you can damn sure bet they can’t make them lick a desk. My kids would not have done it and perhaps that is where the parents failed in all this. They should have taught their kid to stand up to that kind of abuse. The kid should have said no. Then the teacher would have to use force or change the punishment.

          I understand your point of view but too often the school system abuses our kids and oversteps its bounds. This is the case here and since schools no longer fear the people who pay their salaries but do fear lawsuits then getting a lawyer involved is not a bad idea. You see, government is already involved and all the children learned here is that government can bully you and get away with it.

          1) We do not know.
          2) We do not know but we know they learned that government can use force and ridicule to achieve its goals.

          I wonder if a child who forced another child to do something similar to gain compliance would be viewed as the teacher or as a bully…

  3. Real Deal says:

    Oh and maybe folks aren’t old enough to remember when your neighbors could whip your butt (within reason) if they caught you getting into trouble but I am. The only consequence would be that YOU got another butt whipping when you got home, the neighbor would get a “thank you” and often an apology for your bad behavior from your parents. Then they’d march you back over and have you apologize for your behavior.

    You generally stayed out of trouble, that or you got good at not getting caught.