A Koch And A Smile

I am sure many folks have heard of the Koch brothers. They are the successful guys who use their money to support candidates they believe in and are the most hated by liberals. They are constantly attacked by the likes of Harry Reid and his ilk and made out to be demons because of who (and what) they spend their money on.

Charles and David Koch happen to support conservative candidates and causes so, to liberals, when they spend their money on these things they are evil and what is wrong in America.

The left never complains about the evil man George Soros and his money. Soros has spent millions upon millions of dollars for liberal causes and no liberal ever questions the way that money is spent or declares that Soros is what is wrong with America. George is Jewish but he pretended to be Christian and helped confiscate Jew’s property for the Nazis. He also broke the Bank of England by manipulating the currency.

He is an evil man but since he spends his money on liberal/progressive causes he is cherished among the left.

The Koch brothers, to the left, are horrible people who want to see people die so they can earn more money.

Never mind the fact that the Koch brothers employ 60,000 people and produce products that we need. I know that liberals don’t care for toilet paper (from those who say we should use one sheet to those Occupy Wall Street types who just crap where they want) but the civilized among us are happy it is available. Even liberals can’t get by the fact that Dixie cups and Brawny paper towels make life better. The funny thing is their company makes some of the parts that are used in smart phones. You know, the devices liberals take pictures with to decry capitalism…

The Koch’s produce many products that make our lives better and they employ a lot of folks who work hard, earn good money and pay taxes.

Yep, they have to be bad because they are successful.

Charles Koch recently discussed his views about being demonized in order to clear the air.

He is tired of being a villain for spending his money as he sees fit.

I don’t blame him. It is HIS money and he can spend it how he wants (and if he wants to give me a million dollars I would not be unhappy about that). I don’t care for Soros and will have a party when he finally leaves this place but he can spend his money as he wishes.

Mr. Koch’s charitable donations equal about $305,000 per day ($111 million last year). You never hear about that when he is being demonized.

The reality is America needs more people like the Kochs, who want everyone to succeed, and fewer like Soros who want to increase their wealth at the expense and misery of others.

Liberals hate the Kochs because they are the American Dream. They have succeeded and spread their wealth around while providing good paying jobs for a large number of people. They are proof that you can make it in America.

Liberals can’t have that because they want people to be slaves to the government plantation, particularly a government plantation run by liberal task masters.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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