A Job Obama Is Qualified For, Maybe

Barack Obama has never had a real job and has never had to hire people (so he never created jobs) and he certainly has never had to meet a payroll. Considering how he runs the nation’s budget it is probably a good thing that he never had to run the finances of a business because he would not be in business very long. Obama has over a trillion dollars in deficit for each year he has been in charge.

Please do not tell him what comes after a TRILLION.

Obama was not really qualified to be a state senator where he voted present most of the time in order to avoid taking a position on tough issues. When one has a shadowy past it is best to avoid taking a specific stand on an issue.

Obama was not really qualified to be a US Senator and only got there by using the backhanded Chicago style politics to get his opponents out of the race. Obama was so unqualified that he voted against suspending the Stafford Act requirements for New Orleans (which actually passed) which he then lied (using his black folk voice) about to whip up racial discontent.

Obama was not qualified (and still is not) to be President of the US. He admitted that when asked about it but that admission did not stop him from running.

He won and then spent four years proving he was not only unqualified to lead the country but lacked qualification to run anything. He has no business sense, he has no idea how jobs are created and he thinks money grows on trees in the yards of rich people (those who make more than 250 thousand dollars a year).

But I think I have found a job Barry is qualified for. In fact, he was practicing for this job over the weekend. That job is as a pizza delivery person. Obama took some time out from his debate prep to deliver pizzas to a local campaign office (he delivered pizzas a few weeks ago as well). Obviously this was a photo op for Obama but the reality is he looks like a natural. Since Obama will be out of a job come next January delivering pizzas might be a fall back for him.

The only problem is that Obama delivered pizzas that were already paid for. Given his lack of math skills and problems he has demonstrated in managing money it is unlikely he will be able to properly collect the amount due for the pies.

And even if he could effectively do the math required his philosophy is that people should be on a level playing field and have things provided for them.

Yeah, Obama would be good if all he had to do was deliver the pizzas. If he had to handle the money the company would go out of business pretty quick.

Maybe Obama could get a pizza delivery job where they only accept credit cards. He is good with one of those.

Well, he is good at using one. Paying the bill is another issue completely…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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