A Howard Dean Analogy

Suppose the KKK held a rally and at that rally one of the idiots in the organization said that America should have never ended slavery, that blacks are not human and that they do not deserve the same rights as white people. So far that sounds like something that they might actually say. So what if the next thing the guy said was, we need to have less hatred in this world and Martin Luther King Jr. was full of hate. What if he said we need to pull this country together and the KKK is the group to do it?

Sounds pretty outlandish does it not? Not so for the Democratic party and its moonbat leader Howard Dean. Dean has said some pretty divisive things in the past, has called the President all kinds of names, and said that Republicans never had real jobs. Then, he was at an event in Florida where he said the Iraqi PM was an anti-Semite and then compared Katherine Harris to Stalin. After he said these things he said that George Bush was the most divisive President and that we needed to stop being so divisive. The moonbats, according to Dean, are just the people to put an end to it.

Whenever you think of Howard Dean, you know when he is out making noise, think about the KKK guy in the hypothetical example because they are exactly the same. By the way, we were not too divided until 2000 when the left figured out that because of public education, they were not able to understand a ballot and then unable to count.

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3 Responses to “A Howard Dean Analogy”

  1. beth says:

    And unwilling to accept a democratic election. They have been absolutely unwilling to accept the results of the election throughout President Bush’s tenure as president. They obviously don’t believe in our system of elections.

    Clinton was elected with something like 39% of the popular vote and they didn’t have a problem with that.

  2. Jo's Cafe says:

    Weekend Specials 7/29-7/30…


  3. Wild Thing says:

    Thank you for this post. I agree, it amazes me how they just cannot let it go. Their having dead people vote didn’t even help ….they lost. It is almost like it sent them in a spiral of hate that is nonstop and they feed on it like a vitamin pill or something.