A Good Guy With A Gun

A security guard at a McDonald’s in Baltimore (the city that bleeds) shot a man who fired at him inside the restaurant. It is not clear if the security guard was working at the McDonald’s (a sad statement about our society) or there to order a meal. In any event, someone shot at him and he returned fire. The would be murderer is in the hospital and will be charged with attempted murder when he is released. His name will be released at that time.

The security guard was armed as part of his job. He was allowed, under Maryland’s restrictive and unconstitutional gun laws that bar the average citizen from carrying, to carry a gun.

His job saved him and others because if he were some regular Joe he would not have been able to defend himself.

This is how Maryland works. It has a lot of programs to help people like illegal aliens, welfare queens and other Democrat supporters but it refuses to follow the Constitution so that law abiding, not otherwise restricted, people can carry a firearm.

Disarming people is the best way to enslave them to tyranny

It is fortunate the guard was there (whether he worked there or not) because if he had not been people might have been killed. A criminal does not care about the law so gun laws do not affect him (want to bet that the guy who did this was not allowed to have a gun). Gun laws only affect, AND HURT, law abiding citizens.

Maryland should move to be a Constitutional carry state where people who are not otherwise prohibited (felons, mentally ill) can carry a firearm either concealed or open. If one passes the comprehensive background check (yes, contrary to what liberals tell you, this is required) then that should be sufficient with regard to carry.

Maryland will likely never get to that state because it involves freedom and Maryland is not free at all though, ironically, one of the nicknames of the state is The Free State…

The least Maryland should do (and likely will not without court pressure) is to remove the good and substantial reason to carry a concealed firearm.

Maryland is run by liberals particularly in the city and counties surrounding Baltimore and DC. These places are full of liberals who are enslaved to the government. They vote for liberals so they can keep their hands out to receive the fruits of other’s labor.

If Maryland were truly a free state then people could carry firearms which, in turn, would lower the crime rate. Criminals do not like to face armed opposition. The gunman in the story probably did not expect to see an armed guard. If he had known an armed person was inside he would probably have picked an easier target (and there are plenty of them in Maryland).

Things will not change until the population votes out the liberal cretins who have enslaved the people of the state and as long as liberal politicians plunder from earners to give to the gimmiedats there will be no such vote.

Is it any wonder that Maryland is third on the list of states people (47%) want to LEAVE?

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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