A Few Things To Think About

“Should people be paid according to what they ‘need’ instead of according to what their work is worth? Should they decide how big a family they want and then put the cost of paying to support that family on somebody else? If their work is not worth enough to pay for what they want, is it up to others to make up the difference, rather than up to them to upgrade their skills in order to earn what they want?” –Thomas Sowell

“Janice Rogers Brown is no extremist. She’s tough, smart, principled, and conservative. She’s the embodiment of everything that challenges the worldview of liberal elites.” –Peter Kirsanow

“Democrats have not had a very good run recently in the popularly elected branches. Since choosing the wrong side of the counterculture wars of the 1960s, they have won only three of the last 10 presidential elections. A decade ago they lost control of the House for the first time in 40 years, and now have lost all the elected branches. They are in a panic that they will lose their one remaining ability to legislate — through the courts.” –Charles Krauthammer

“[Democrats], arguing on [the] basis that the Senate can provide advice and consent without voting, even at the committee level, is a rather ‘strict’ interpretation of the Constitution — one that might even be called ‘extreme.’ How, one wonders, do these hyper-strict literalists find a constitutional right to abortion?” –Brandon Crocker

“It’s no secret why [Mexican President Vincente] Fox goes so far as to provide illegals with tips on how best to avoid detection by our Border Patrol. At my local post office, most of the people in line with me are Latinos mailing postal orders to their relatives. I’m not suggesting that all those people are here illegally, but if only 10 million of them mail only 20 dollars a week back home, it amounts to $10 billion a year. That’s a…lot of pesos. Is it any wonder that Mr. Fox is in no rush to turn off the golden faucet?” –Burt Prelutsky

Source: The Federalist Patriot

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