A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney…

Andy Rooney of 60 minutes has segments where he rants about this and that. Though I have not watched him in years, his rants were usually funny though they usually reflected his view of the world from high atop the Ivory Tower. In any event, I have never cared much for him because of his liberal views and now he has insulted the volunteer Army. This comes from the Federalist Patriot (to which you should subscribe):

“I think a draft produces a better army than the one we would have with all volunteers…[I]f it’s an all volunteer army, you get people who join up because of some problem in their own lives. They don’t have anything else to do, they don’t have a job, or they can’t find what they want to do, so they join the Army. And it doesn’t produce the best army.” —CBS’s Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney was drafted in 1941 and spent his time in WWII as a newspaper reporter. Now I am not denigrating what he did but this is not Battle of the Bulge stuff here. The only bulge a newspaper guy gets is around his waist from not getting up enough. Rooney was there to report on some really important stuff and no one can take that from him but he has a different perspective about the draft. People who were conscripted in WWII were patriots who went to fight a great enemy. This was well before the politically correct liberalism that is rampant today so these veterans did not have to worry about being spat upon when they returned home because they were treated like heroes. This was long before Jane Fonda and John Kerry got into the business of fighting against America.

Most of the brave men who were drafted and fought in Vietnam were great guys who did what their country asked. Unfortunately, a lot of draftees became draft dodgers and went to Canada. They disgraced this country and they had allies in Fonda, Kerry and a plethora of other dissidents who are part of the hate America first crowd. With a volunteer army it is unlikely a large number will go to Canada to avoid service. Sure, there are those who join and then when they are expected to earn their paychecks they run but for the most part Andy, these people are here because they want to be.

The brave men and women who join the service do not do so because of some problem in their lives as you contend Mr. Rooney. You assert that they do not have anything else to do. How about the Pat Tillmans in the world who give up a lot of money to fight for our freedoms. Tillman is the name you heard but there are countless others who put their lives on hold to join the service and defend this country. In case you were still being bathed by your home health aid at the home for the aged, America was attacked. Yes sir, right in the city where you work. I know that it is hard for you to believe but some people actually took offense to this attack and decided to do something about it. While you were trying to figure out what we did to offend them, the patriots went to war.

Granted, they did not grab word processors (today’s version of your old typewriter) and head off to be a newspaper reporter but they did actually go off to fight and win. The US Army (all the services) is full of the best and the brightest AND THE BRAVEST this generation has to offer. I understand that they are not smoking dope or doing bongs for Jesus on a college campus somewhere but many of them have a college education just the same. Many are great athletes and they really can’t be as worthless as you might think given that they operate equipment that is very sophisticated and would probably baffle even you, a legend in your own mind.

I sir am educated and make a good living. I served and I did so by joining, not because I had problems in my life but because I wanted to give back to my country. That is a difficult concept for your 88 year old brain to grasp because the only thing you liberals like us to give back is half our paycheck. I understand you are successful and make good money. It is beyond me why See BS or any other company would pay you for what you do (or pay you as much as they do) but the fact is they do. I have not seen you in years and have no interest in what you have to say, though I used to think you were pretty funny. Now you are just a pathetic old man who has no real worth to this country. Let’s face it, if we are ever attacked someone will have to protect you because you are not capable of protecting yourself. You still think Depends is the first line of defense.

I really don’t care about your views but I have this to say about your attack on my soldiers. Keep your foul, no good, liberal, candy-ass, mouth shut and leave the men and women who are much better than you have ever been or could hope to be, alone. Stick to picking on Halliburton or some other evil bogey man of the left and leave the troops alone. You are not going to pull a Cronkite on them so keep your mouth shut.

Care to discuss it? I will hand you your ass…..

Big Dog

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One Response to “A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney…”

  1. A J Parmalee says:

    Right on, Big Dog. What Rooney is doing is the same as Hanoi Jane and Hanoi John, just using a slightly different medium and trying to camouflage it behind his “humor”. Up his !!!

    AJ Parmalee