A Failed Marriage

This is a story of a failed marriage and everyone in America knows the parties. A long time ago Miss X agreed to marry Mr. Y. This was not an easy marriage and there were many troubles along the way. Papers were drawn up prior to the marriage and parties agreed upon the terms in said papers. The marriage was rocky at the beginning and there was a lot of infighting with family members pitted against each other. When the major battles were worked out the couple settled in and were in agreement in most things along the way.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way Mrs. Y decided to divorce herself from Mr. Y and she decided that she needed money to survive. Her spending habits were out of control and she told Mr. Y that she needed more money. Mr. Y did not want to give it to her but she had the largest assembly of lawyers eager to help her get money; for any money she took in would result in a windfall for them. Every time her spending habits got out of control she exercised the same tactics and her lawyers extorted more money from Mr Y. They threatened to put him in jail if he did not pay up. They had the law on their side so he was forced to pay.

As time moved on her spending was not only out of control but many of her spending habits included giving her money away to different people or groups of people many of whom just decided to sponge off her rather than earn their own way. Every time she needed more money to fuel her habit she went to her lawyers and they upped the alimony that he was forced to pay. Things became so bad that he was working to pay for the retirement of her elderly relatives. He was paying for their prescription drugs and they forced him to set aside part of his money to redistribute to them each month. To make things worse her lawyers allowed out of town people to move in and take his home away from him without paying their fair share for the goods they enjoyed. He tried to put the money into a retirement account for himself but her lawyers would not allow that to happen.

Try as he might, Mr. Y was unable to change the ways of his evil spouse and one day he died alone and poor. He did not have enough money to pass along to his children and they were forced to work to pay the debts that she kept accumulating.

Everyone knows the happy couple in this story and we all know the major players. Miss X is the US government, Mr. Y is the American citizen, the uninvited guests are the ILLEGALS that enter this country every day, and the lawyers who work for Miss X are the members of Congress. Of course, the alimony is taxes and those enforcing payment of said alimony; the IRS.

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7 Responses to “A Failed Marriage”

  1. TexasFred says:

    Ya know, I really feel like that divorce could become reality, but it will be messy… And the kids are the reason we may have to do it, FOR their sake…

  2. GM says:

    Even the Democrats ought to get behind this effort, after all, its “For The Children.”

  3. Rosemary says:

    I started figuring that out half-way through. What a great analogy. If only it were not true…

  4. Wild Thingf says:

    I agree that was an awesome analogy.

  5. Wild Thing says:

    oops, sorry about the typo. That should be Wild Thing. I guess the f is for the miss x in the story.

  6. bj1boo says:

    This is so true. I keep bombarding my electeds with emails, faxes, etc.. They are Not listening… They think we got rid of a bunch of them this last election because of the war.. We got rid of them because they would Not Listen to us about illegals, immigration reform, social security,the war… Maybe this time when we clean out these in office who do not listen to us , theyll get it??? I really doubt it tho, dont you. bj1boo

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