A Dilemma For Liberals And Where Are The Men?

This past week a violent attack took place at a McDonald’s in Maryland. Two black women beat a white woman half to death all because one of them was upset that she looked at her man. But the man initiated the exchange of words and it was very short. This did not stop the two black thugs from beating the hell out of the young white woman. This was no doubt a crime and some are asking that it be pursued as a hate crime (a moronic idea in law) but not because the victim is white.

No, if that were the only issue here it would be some minor assault that would be run of the mill (if the white girl had beat the hell out of the black girl, well that is another story) but hate crime charges are being sought because the white girl in question is transgendered. Ron Smith of WBAL has a great post up describing the issue and then talking about the dilemma faced by liberals. What do they do when members of one protected class assault a member of another protected class?

I have watched the video and the interview of the victim. The attack was uncalled for and the victim was at the mercy of two thugs while others watched (and one recorded). The victim seems like a nice person. She certainly did nothing to deserve what happened to her. The rumor mill now says she was assaulted because she tried to use the women’s restroom and that onlookers were commenting on her sexuality. None of this matters in the slightest. This young lady did not deserve to be beaten and the people who beat her are animals.

I also have another issue with this incident. An older McDonald’s employee tried to intervene in a halfhearted attempt but gets nowhere and then a 55 year old woman tries to help the girl and ends up getting punched in the face.

Why were the employees standing there watching? Why did they not gain control of the store? Why were no male customers helping the woman who was being beaten? Where are the real men in our society who step in and help the weakest among us? Where is that one gentleman who would get between the attackers and the victim and provide protection?

They were nowhere to be found. A middle aged woman was the only one who had the testicular fortitude to step in and she ended up being assaulted.

I wonder what society is coming to when these kinds of things can happen and there are no men to step up and do the right thing. I only wish I had been at that store when the incident happened. Let’s just say that things might have been a bit different as a new sandwich was introduced to the attackers, the McAsswhoopin…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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23 Responses to “A Dilemma For Liberals And Where Are The Men?”

  1. Adam says:

    If these black women assaulted the white woman because she was white or because she was transgendered or both then absolutely it should be charged as a hate crime. There is no dilemma. You continue to pretend hate crimes cannot be committed against white. Do I need to bring out the FBI UCR Hate Crimes stats again?

    • Big Dog says:

      You can bring them out but they prove the point. Very few hate crimes are reported when the victim is white. That is implied by it would be a different matter. According to the FBI:
      In 2009, law enforcement agencies reported that 3,816 single-bias hate crime offenses were racially motivated. Of these offenses:

      71.4 percent were motivated by anti-black bias.
      17.1 percent resulted from anti-white bias.
      5.5 percent occurred because of biases against groups of individuals consisting of more than one race (anti-multiple races, group).
      3.9 percent resulted from anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias.
      2.2 percent were motivated by anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native bias.

      So blacks make up about 15% of the population and have over 70% of the crimes against and the white numbers are opposite of percentages in the population.

  2. Blake says:

    Most liberal pinko judges will not bring hate crimes charges against Blacks and others of color against Whites- they just won’t, unless the Whites in question were some other “protected” class, like gay, or transgendered, or perhaps (not always) female.
    It’s a pity- I think hate crimes is an oxymoron- I have never heard of “Love” crimes- Why is America becoming coarser, more numb to violence?
    And why is all the violence on the left?

  3. Ogre says:

    Welcome to the world liberals have created. Men who stand up are not permitted. And you can bet that if a man got between those women and so much as touched one of them, that thug would have scream and sued that man for everything he owned. That’s why men are so slow to stand up today.

  4. Adam says:

    Where I’ve lived men and women stand up for one another all the time. Examples where they fail to are just the stories that stick in our minds.

  5. Big Dog says:

    We routinely see stories about black on white crime where hate crime is not pursued.

    • Adam says:

      And the same is true with white on black crime. We’ve been over this before. It’s not a hate crime by definition unless there was bias involved in the crime. It’s harder to prove such intent every time as well. I have no trouble suggesting logically that hate crimes in every situation are under-reported and under-charged.

        • Adam says:

          That is not a good article. It’s actually pretty stupid. This is another person making easily refuted attacks on hate crimes as if they’re thought crimes, as if you can’t prove the bias, as if they never happen against white people, and so on. It’s ridiculous.

          First off the author compares transgendered individuals to a delusional uncle as if the transgendered just made up their biology. The author probably thinks gay people just made up their homosexuality as well. Probably the fault of liberals that have invented so many ways for people to enjoy victim-hood, right?

          No, hate crimes are not crimes against thoughts any more or less than charging for premeditated murder is a charge for something you thought. No, there is no more problem proving intent in hate crimes than there are in other crimes like murder. No, we see minorities charged with hate crimes all the time.

          When will hate crimes opponents start using their brains before they rehash such silly arguments time and again?

          • Big Dog says:

            The author is a minority. He is a black guy from Baltimore.

            He is right, there is no equal justice under the law when some crimes are treated differently based upon who they were committed against. White guy murders white guy, no hate crime but murder. Black guy murders black guy, no hate crime just murder.

            But let a protected class be the victim and it is a hate crime. Yes Adam, there are some (very few in total) hate crimes prosecuted against the protected class but the largest number are against people who comitted the crime against a protected class.

            It bears out time and again. The reality is that if you hate a particular demographic and commit a crime against a person in that demographic it is no more terrible than if you commited a crime against a person from a demographic that you do not hate.

            • Adam says:

              “The author is a minority. He is a black guy from Baltimore.”

              And that makes his opinion less grounded in faulty assumptions about hate crimes?

              “Black guy murders black guy, no hate crime just murder.”

              If a black man murdered another black man for reason of bias such as sexual orientation or disability then it would be a hate crime. Are you really wondering why you never see a black man kill a black man because he’s racist against other black men?

              You state the idea of very few hate crimes prosecuted against minorities as if that proves they are occur more than they are charged or that white people are charged more with these crimes. Of that you have no evidence. I don’t doubt that politics and public opinion play a role in these charges but that is true of every type of crime.

  6. Eoj Trahneir says:

    Yes, you have been over this before. Conclusion; you are wrong…again. Living Proof liberals can’t learn and liberalism a mental disorder.
    Case closed.

  7. virginia says:

    I live in Texas, and in a situation like that I think that might come under the right to protect another person. Had I been there, the thugs would have been there when the law arrived, on the floor, with ankles crossed and arms stretched out across the floor. And a ambulance for the victim would have been there already, and maybe a couple more ambulances for the thugs, if they decided to attack me too. I am 72 yrs old, a white female and a no take sh*t kind of grandmaw, and my permit proves I know exactly how to handle punk thugs, make a citizens arrest and if they move……. well…..ER here they come.

  8. Big Dog says:

    I do not care what color people are or what religious or anything else, the idea of hate crimes is moronic. This is the thought police at work. If you are a KKK member and a black guy or a Jewish guy harasses you and you punch him you will be charged with a hate crime because you hate those groups of people even if the crime committed did not involve that hatred at that particular time.

    A crime is a crime regardless of why you did it and tacking more punishment on to it because of “hate” is nonsense.

  9. Big Dog says:

    I have no evidence? Here is an article with some numbers for you as well as why hate crimes is moronic.

    • Adam says:

      Just another use of bad statistics and faulty arguments. White on black crime is not automatically a hate crime. There is no evidence in the article whatsoever to back up the idea that somehow blacks are getting away with hate crimes more than whites are.

      Hate crimes are discriminatory? Again, to think that you have to believe that white people or straight people for instance can’t be victims of hate crimes. They are and the stats back that up.

      But what makes you think that more whites being charged with hate crimes is evidence that blacks are somehow committing more hate crimes but not being charged? The article doesn’t say. You don’t say either. You just keep suggesting that’s correct though without evidence.

      • Big Dog says:

        They are always bad statistics when they do not say what you want. The article shows how the numbers are not in line with percentage of population. and it goes into further detail on how if the crimes are not classified as hate crimes by police then they will not be part of the statistics.

        No one said that non whites are not charged with hate crimes. Only that they are charged a lot less than whites. If a non white says they THINK it was because of hate it is pursued thta way.

        Not so with whites.