A Bit Of Kennedy Irony

In an ironic twist something hit a vessel carrying a Kennedy instead of the reverse. Usually when there is an accident involving a Kennedy the Kennedy is the one who hit something (and usually as a result of being liquored up). Ted hit a bridge (or missed the bridge and drove off it), John hit the water with an airplane, and Patrick hit some barriers in DC.

This time a bolt of lightning hit an airplane carrying Ted home from a graduation where he gave the commencement speech. No one was injured but the plane lost all electrical power and had to land at a destination other than its intended.

This will remain ironic unless we find out that Ted was flying the plane. Then we will have to conclude that he hit the bolt of lightning. Perhaps Teddy will credit this to the hand of God giving him a warning but he will probably attribute it to the mythical “Kennedy Curse” where bad things only happen to Kennedys. The reality is, as long as there are Kennedys, bad things happen to America.

Source: Breitbart

UPDATE I forgot to include John F Kennedy. He crashed a PT boat into a ship. Those Kennedys can’t drive, fly, or pilot a boat.

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2 Responses to “A Bit Of Kennedy Irony”

  1. Bosun says:

    Great post. Guess you have summed up much of the Kennedy history.

    R/ Bosun

  2. Jo says:

    Think God is trying to tell the murderer from Mass. something?