A Battle Is Brewing

I wrote a post that was lost in the data I could not recover. In that post I stated that the next Supreme Court nominee would be judged solely on his position on abortion. There are thousands of things that we need to be concerned with but the left will focus on its narrow agenda and disregard any thing else. Now we have information that the Senators are already beginning to argue on how nominees may be questioned.

The left wants to ask nominees how they will rule on things they might hear in the future. What they really want to do is ask them how they will rule on matters that might come up like Roe vs. Wade and gay marriage. It is not practical to ask a person how he might rule on something in the future. It is unfair to expect someone to answer questions based upon speculation. If the left wants to be productive they should ask questions about rulings the nominees have made in the past. Ask them why they ruled a certain way and what legal basis they used to make their decision.

But there in lies the problem. The left does not want to be productive. They want to be obstructive and hold up the process. They will go back on their word and filibuster because they do not want George Bush to get anyone approved. The left can not get over the fact that they are the minority party and they will use the filibuster to act like the majority. The republicans need to stop playing with the donks and exercise the nuclear option. They need to put an end to the obstruction so we can get on with business.

Keeping in mind the recent rulings by the Supreme Court’s liberal judges, the rulings that hurt the average guy, it seems to me most people would be happy to get some more conservatives on the bench so we can actually have rulings that are in our best interests and in accordance with the law.

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