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Does Obamacare Cover Federal Assault?

Obamacare was passed in order for government to control more of our lives and the real reason many Republicans won’t really fight to get rid of it is because they like control as well. When government controls your health care it controls you (and when it takes away your firearms it completely controls you and you have no means to resist).

Obamacare is so wonderful that it had to have penalties built into it to force people to join. It was sold on the promise that it would not affect those who had insurance but many folks ended up losing the doctors and insurance coverage Barry Obama promised them they could keep. Those who figured it would not affect them were suddenly caught up in the mix and were subject to the rules and penalties.

Let me be clear, regardless of what Chief Justice Roberts calls it, the money paid for noncompliance is a penalty. Obama ran around the country screaming that this was not a tax and he even chided George Stephanopoulos for suggesting it was a tax at which time Obama enthusiastically informed him it absolutely was not. It is a shared responsibility penalty.

The law called it a penalty and Chief Justice Roberts and those who sided with him got it wrong. It is a penalty for not buying something government wants you to buy (even the linked article below calls this a “federal penalty”).

How would liberals act if the government passed a law that forced everyone to buy a handgun (to curb crime which has a major economic impact) and then fined (oops, taxed) them if they did not?

But back on target. Those penalties are now coming into full swing (they were lower in the beginning) and many folks will be socked with a pretty big bill from the IRS if they do not have insurance.

This amount will either be added to what they owe or deducted from their refund. Either way many folks will end up losing money simply because they did not purchase something they did not want (or could not afford).

Obamacare needs to force people, even those who are young and healthy or able to pay out of pocket, to sign up in order to pay for everything it promises.

The Obama regime plans to remind people of this penalty during the upcoming enrollment season. The idea is to scare people into signing up because without those folks paying in for things they might not want or need the entire thing goes belly up.

The idea of lower costs is out the door as premiums are going up again next year. Perhaps those without insurance are causing the problem but the more likely reason is that this federal monstrosity is very bloated and expensive.

It has to be in order to make the government bigger, to control our lives and to achieve the liberal goal of wealth redistribution.

No one should be forced to buy what they do not want or to pay for things for other people. But, people should pay their own bills if they end up needing medical care (payment plans work for more than cars and cell phones).

Last year the total amount of penalties collected by the IRS was 1.5 BILLION dollars. I only hope that most of it affected liberals who supported Obamacare.

I also hope the larger penalties will affect them as well.

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More Obamacare Failures

Looks like the AFFORDABLE care act is not so affordable after all…

There is a report that CoOpportunity Health, an Obamacare created insurer, might end up costing taxpayers millions of dollars because it is going belly up.

Yep, the great socialized medicine experiment that continues to be a disaster is claiming an insurance company set up specifically to provide insurance under Obamacare is losing money and will die a long and painful death, painful to the tune of 140 MILLION taxpayer dollars.

This is but another piece of evidence that Obamacare is a disaster, costs too much, and will end up adding to the financial burden taxpayers already have.

Now this company might end up staying in business but it will only do so if the taxpayer injects millions of dollars into the company. That will allow it to pay some bills and continue operating but at what future cost?

If it was unable to make it in the lean years of Obamacare what will happen when the additional burdens that were pushed off to avoid election issues kick in? Will the company continue to lose money hand over fist and will the government dole out more taxpayer money in the same fashion?

That was the bad news. The worse news is that there are six other co-ops that are in deep financial trouble because of low enrollment and “other pressures” (read expensive regulations and rules coupled with high costs for service).

The really bad news is that Louisiana Health Co-operative will shut down at the end of the year for many of the same reasons.

Obamacare insurances are failing in a market that Obama and his supporters claimed would be friendly to insurance companies and those they insure.

I guess everyone who said these things would be a disaster were right all along.

Don’t expect Obama or those who rammed all this down our throats to report the bad news or take responsibility.

Liberals are morons who want you to believe that it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end….

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Just Like Obamacare, Unions Want Out Of Wage Increase

The unions were all behind Obamacare and supported the occupant of the White House in his quest to control more and more people. They were thrilled when it passed because it would bring joy and happiness to all the peons, the mindless rabble who need to be told what to do.

Then those very unions applied for, and were granted, exceptions to the law. You see, they supported it as good for you but then decided they did not want any part of it for their union members.

This ties in with the minimum wage increase in California. The state passed a law incrementally raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. There is already backlash over this.

You see, as many warned, the hike in minimum wage resulted in higher costs to employers and anyone who knows business knows this cost (as are all costs) is passed on to someone else, usually the consumer. At many restaurants a portion of the worker’s tips are being confiscated to make up for the additional cost. You read that right, the people who are getting a wage increase are paying for part of that increase by losing some of their tip money to cover it.

Some restaurants stopped with tipping and add a 16% surcharge to the bill which is divided between the servers and the business (want to bet who gets more of it).

This is no surprise. If wages go up they need to be paid for and those costs are passed on in higher prices or fewer workers (some are fired to pay for the rest) or, as in this case, taking worker’s tips.

But what does that have to do with unions?

The unions pushed for the wage increase. They worked hard to get it passed and now they are negotiating exemptions for their union members.

Just like Obamacare it is good for all the rabble but not for the unions.

Careful what you ask for because you might not like it.

And if a union supports it then you know it is not a good idea…

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Harry Reid Loves Obamacare

[This post failed to publish on its intended date.]

But only for you…

Looks like Harry Reid does not think Obamacare is as wonderful as he let on when he helped jam it down our throats. He has exempted part of his staff from the mandate so that they can stay on the federal plan. Members of Congress have discretion with regard to certain staff as to whether they must enroll in the plan while the members and some other staff are required under the law to enroll.

Reid has decided that the Obamacare that is so wonderful it had to be forced upon us is not a great deal for some of his staff.

Seems to me if Reid can exempt some of his staff we should have the ability to exempt ourselves WITHOUT PENALTY.

In other words, why is it that the idea of if you like your plan you can keep it only applies to special folks while the rest of us are forced to get rid of plans we like to meet some federal mandate?

Remember, Harry Reid shut down the federal government over Obamacare. He refused to delay it for a year and allowed the government to shut down over his stubbornness. Now he is exempting part of his staff from the very thing he refused to change to avoid a shutdown.

The strange thing is after Reid allowed the government to shut down Barack Obama allowed the very delays that Republicans wanted because Obamacare is not working. Obama needed to push things past the next election.

Harry Reid, on the other hand, seems not to care about how it looks and what effect it might have on the next election. He exempted staff and Republicans were quick to jump on it.

Reid’s spokesman Adam Jentleson said that they were just following the law. Funny how they are following the law when they want to do something but refuse to follow the law or criticize those who do follow the law.

Cases in point; Reid never said a word about Obama not following the law as written and Reid as well as other Democrats have blamed all the insurance cancellations on insurance companies when they are only following the law.

In any event, keep this in mind during the next election. They impose on you while exempting others.

As an aside, you know Democrats are in trouble when they start invoking God to help them out. Reid and his buddies could very well lose control of the Senate and one of the Democrats in trouble is Mark Pryor of Arkansas. In his new ad he holds an open Bible and invokes God’s name.

Next year might be a real good one if we can get take control of the Senate and even better if we get rid of some RINOs along the way.

Cave canem!
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Obamacare: Disaster by Design

Obamacare is designed to raise costs, cause cancellations and to put the health care system into chaos. It is not, despite any other claims, designed to improve things and it is not designed to make sure people without insurance get it. No, it is designed to fail but to do so in a way that makes it look like they really, no really, tried to make it work. It is designed this way so that Obama and his progressive cronies can push us into a single payer system where government completely controls the health care system.

This has been a dream of progressives for decades and now with the anointed one in office they are working overtime to ensure they get it.

Remember, Obama has always been an advocate for a single payer system with all its wealth redistribution schemes and health care rationing. Obama stated many times that he prefers single payer but he knows that he can’t get there all at once. It will take time.

Enter Obamacare. This fiasco was pushed through and it was designed to overload the system so that it will fail. It must fail but it must only fail after as many systems are in place to allow the easy transition to single payer. This is the entire game plan and it is what was intended from the start.

Obama and his progressive allies know that Americans would never give up their freedoms willingly so a direct assault would have ended in failure. The plan with Obamacare is to take things one step at a time until single payer looks like the last best hope for our system.

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” ~ Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

In other words, Obama will wreck the system and then give us the only solution to save it and that solution, surprise, will be the single payer system that he has always wanted.

And many American morons will fall for it, will demand it and then will live their lives as chattel. They will be the property of the government an entity that will decide who gets what treatment and when. In a few decades we will be in line with countries that have second rate health care because Obama wanted it that way.

The fix is in. Obama pushed for Obamacare (a term he liked until it polled badly) and he made sure that the right members of Congress were paid off in order to secure votes. He got his Democrats to pass Obamacare and he did it without ONE Republican vote (Democrats own it). He needed it passed so he could push for single payer.

Obamacare is a bust. The issue with the website is just the tip of the iceberg. The system is heavy with regulation. It is extremely costly and it is not working the way they said it would. Obama and his minions lied to us to keep the disaster moving so he can get to the point of no return where single payer will be the only solution.

If you like your plan you can keep it, period. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor, period. This will lower your costs by $2500 a year. This will provide insurance to the millions who are uninsured.

The problem is these are all lies. Obama and his Democrats KNEW these were lies. They had to keep telling them so people would not revolt before the point of no return.

Now we are getting there. About 1.6 million people enrolled in Obamacare but nearly 1.5 million of them actually signed up for Medicaid. This will rapidly increase the costs the federal and state governments pay and it will bankrupt the system. Obamacare is designed so that the healthy young pay high premiums to subsidize the less healthy elderly. If millions of people (those healthy young) are enrolling in Medicaid then there is no money coming in to subsidize the elderly. Boom, the system blows up and Obama rides in with single payer to rescue us from the disaster he caused in the first place.

There is an excellent article in the New York Post by Michael Tanner that describes this. Another article in National Review by Andrew McCarthy explains the scheme to get us to single payer.

Both articles lay bare the myth of Obamacare’s intentions and show the dark truth that it is a very costly scheme to push us to single payer.

Obama might be a lot of things (and most of them are not nice) but one thing he is not is stupid. He knows what he is doing.

The problem is America is bent over holding her ankles while he is doing it.

Cave canem!
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