War With China Unwinnable?

An overwhelming assessment by Asian officials has determined that the US could not win a war with China. Of course it was the Asians that thought we could not beat Japan in WW II, but that was then and this is now. The facts are that China has billions more people than we do and they could come in waves. Of course, logistically they could not get everybody where they needed to be, but what the heck, make them walk. I think that with our weaponry and nuclear weapons we could win a war with China. The key is not to have a war with China. We need to have good diplomatic relations with them or we need a lot of allies.

The whole idea that we can not beat a potential enemy or that we are incompetent has come from the left wing moonbats. The world is watching them and the world is making assessments based upon what the anti-war left is saying. Case in point:

Mr. Ishihara said U.S. ground forces, with the exception of the Marines, are “extremely incompetent” and would be unable to stem a Chinese conventional attack. Indeed, he asserted that China would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons against Asian and American cities—even at the risk of a massive U.S. retaliation.

The governor said the U.S. military could not counter a wave of millions of Chinese soldiers prepared to die in any onslaught against U.S. forces. After 2,000 casualties, he said, the U.S. military would be forced to withdraw.

This is from the Tokyo governor. Tokyo learned a lesson a long time ago but the point is, look at what he said. We would lose 2000 troops and then cut and run. In Iraq we have lost 2000 troops and the anti-war left is calling for us to cut and run. The world has this idea that if we lose a few soldiers we will retreat and they got that idea from the moonbats who don’t have the testicular fortitude required to sustain and win a war.

This should reinforce the idea that the world watches what happens here and when they see the Sheehans of the world and the spineless Democrats in Congress talking bad about our soldiers and making an artificial milestone out of 2000 deaths then they draw conclusions. Add the poor reporting by the MSM and the world has the idea that our troops can not win and are poorly trained despite the fact that they won the initial phase of the war and have not lost a firefight yet.

I hope we never have to go to war with China but if we do we need to send as many nukes as possible in the initial phase. They will not hesitate to use them and we need to be first in order to gain the advantage.

The apocalypse is upon us.

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One Response to “War With China Unwinnable?”

  1. FrauBudgie says:

    Of course it was the Asians that thought we could not beat Japan in WW II, but that was then and this is now.”

    Dang! You’re right about that.

    Also, now that I think about it … I read somewhere that when the mujhadeed forced the Russians out of Afganistan, Bin Laden felt that he’d beat the world’s most significant superpower, and the Americans would be a piece of cake …. ?

    (And, thankyou for the trachback!)