9/11 Again

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It was six years ago today that the world forever changed when a group of Islamic radicals hijacked four commercial airliners and flew them into buildings killing nearly 3000 of our fellow citizens. Just like those who have lived through memorable moments of history, everyone can remember where they were and what they were doing when we were attacked. Older Americans added this memory to those of where they were when the Kennedys and MLK were shot. We add these items to our memories and they remain vivid because the significance of the event which, unlike John Kerry’s memories, truly are seared into our cerebral recollections. A lot has happened since that day six years ago and in that time this country has become more divided.

Today we honor the memories of the men and women who got up on a nice, sunny, day and, like they had done many times, kissed their spouses good-bye and went to work. Unfortunately, another mundane day at the office turned out to be anything but mundane and in the shadow of the carnage we saw what is good about America and what, despite our differences, makes us the greatest nation in the world. We saw firefighters and police officers rush into a building with no regard for their own safety in order to save lives. These selfless acts resulted in the deaths of hundreds of these rescue workers as they were crushed to death when the buildings collapsed.

We saw courage from every day people who assisted others in getting out or stayed with them only to perish in the disaster. We saw a group of courageous people divert a hijacked plane into the ground in order to prevent thwart part of the attack and we saw members of our Congress stand on the Capitol steps and sing together, a display to give hope and courage to the people of America.

This date, 9/11/2001, is the second day that will live in infamy and we will honor those who died that day just as we honor those who were killed in a similar, unprovoked attack on 12/7/1941. We will look at these days and never forget that freedom is not free and that there is pure evil in this world. We will always remember that the freedoms we cherish are paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of the members of the Armed Forces of the United States and we will never remember that America will only remain the land of the free as long as it stays the home of the brave.

Bill Ruth

Today, Flags fly at half staff to honor those who died when we were brutally attacked. That Flag and the events of that day serve as stark reminders of the dangers we face in this world. Our Flag also reminds us that there is nothing we cannot accomplish if we put aside our differences and combine our efforts as did those who gave us a nation under which to fly her.

God Bless America and the people fortunate enough to call her home.

This entry was published at 9:43 am (Eastern), the time that American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon and took the life of my friend and comrade in arms, William R. Ruth, US Army. This post is dedicated to his memory and the memory of all those who perished on the day that we met evil face to face.

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2 Responses to “9/11 Again”

  1. 123beta says:

    Never Forget…

    On this anniversary of that awful day back in 2001, I still remember Mr. Christopher Colastani. And I always will……

  2. Old War Dogs says:

    Never forget. Never forgive….

    We’ve been at war since 1979 but it took the events of 6 years ago to wake a lot of people up to the fact. We’re still at war, with the same people, just on a different battlefield. The question…