My Gun Poem

I wrote a poem quite some time ago about the Second Amendment. For some reason a company published it in a book of poetry. After seeing the pictures attributed to Cao and Wild Thing, I decided to publish it here.

Don’t Go Off Half Cocked

Guns don’t kill, people do what is all the strife?
If they took away all the guns out there, there’d still be loss of life
Criminals don’t obey the law, that’s how they got that name
As long as we let them on the streets, the outcome will be the same
Will a million laws against a thing make criminals refrain?
With all the laws against it, they still use cocaine
Twenty-thousand, that’s the number, of gun laws on the books
To let honest people have the guns and to keep them from the crooks
But now they’ll take guns from everyone, they say it keeps law and order
That’s like throwing out the baby, along with its bath water
No matter what happens we’ll always have our precious Second Amendment
And as long as liberals have their way, we’ll need to stand up and defend it
A man’s home is his castle, but it’s getting out of reach
Because of all the social problems, he’s always under siege
So let’s thank God our founding fathers, had the common sense
To allow the average citizen, a means of self defense
It might not be the answer, but it’s a start that will not fail
At least until all the criminals, are tucked away in jail

Dedicated to Cao and Wild Thing as well as to all the men and women fighting to keep this country free.

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2 Responses to “My Gun Poem”

  1. Theodore’s World Has A Special Thank You……

    . I want to thank Big Dog for the awesome poem he wrote to Cao and I. WoW! And I would also like to thank Cao for her kindness to me and all the hard work she has done, I…

  2. Cao says:

    Thanks, I appreciate you!!! Very busy–you’ll see why in a few days.