Iran’s Terrorist Leader Calls For Genocide

Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, made some statements earlier this week that provoked a fire storm in many UN nations. This idiot said that “Israel should be wiped off the map.” This is typical for leaders from countries that practice the religion of peace. The remarks drew swift criticism from many UN members and Israel has asked that Iran be thrown out of the UN. While I personally don’t know why any nation would want to belong to the UN, I think as long as we are going to have a UN we should consider throwing countries like Iran out of it.

The debate among world leaders as to the appropriateness of the remark has been met with protests in Iran. A great big bunch of fanatics marched around with signs echoing the leaders comment. Israeli flags were burned (see Adam, enemies burn flags) and the zealots chanted death to Israel, death to the Zionists. It is nice to know the practitioners of this peaceful religion are so verbose in their “peace.”

I think Iran better watch out. Israel has a formidable military and they have shown little restraint when dealing with their security. Perhaps Iran should consider how Israel handled Hussein’s nuclear power plant. It would do well to remember that Israel took the Gaza by beating three other Arab nations. Israel is small but it fights like a tiger. If Israel acts there will be attacks on them from other Arab nations. It is a good thing for Israel that Bush is in the White House. If the Clintons were still there the terrorist nations would be getting help in eliminating Israel. I have noticed though that Hillary Clinton has been silent about the matter. Inside she is probably wishing she could be protesting in Iran but since she needs to court the Jewish vote in New York she will have to skip the demonstration.

Where is the outcry from the left? Where is the outcry from the people who made such noise over Pat Robertson’s comments? Robertson said we should wipe out one guy and the left came unhinged. Ahmadinejad wants to wipe out a whole country and its people and the left is remarkably silent. We were a year into the Iraq war and the left was telling us to get out and we are killing people and the UN does not like us blah, blah yet when a terrorist from Iran talks about wiping out a country there is nothing but the sound of silence.

Perhaps the reason the left is so quiet is because it is a terrorist making the claims. If the US or one of its citizens says it then it is a bad thing. The left is all about hating America first. Maybe the other reason is that the intended target is the Jewish country of Israel. Why should the left worry about threats to a bunch of Jews when its hero and his wife were openly warm and fuzzy with the terrorist Arafat who wanted to put an end to Israel. The Jews, much like the blacks, are only useful to the left when it comes time to get elected. During the campaign they are in all the neighborhoods pandering to Jews, blacks, and every other minority. After the election they forget those folks and work on appeasing the special interest groups that get them their money.

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