600 Million Dollar Failure

The Obamacare website is a dismal failure. It has crashed and burned from the moment it went live and there is no doubt that it was not ready for prime time. The Republicans worked to get the individual mandate delayed for a year but Democrats would not negotiate. They flat out said no and that a delay would NOT happen.

Now, of course, a bunch of them are working hard to get that very delay so that they will not suffer on Election Day next year.

The partial shutdown took attention away from the Obamacare roll out but now that the government is back to 100% the focus is more on the Obamacare failure. Even Saturday Night Live took a shot at the failed roll out.

Imagine how much pressure would have been taken off this mess if Democrats had been willing to negotiate. Imagine how much less of a sting there would have been if they would have agreed to delay the individual mandate. People would not have been pressured to sign up and the regime could work to get the thing fixed.

The bull headed approach the Democrats took is now biting them in their posteriors.

Now that they insisted that things go forward they are seeing that over 600 MILLION taxpayer dollars were wasted to write a program that uses old technology and is full of security holes. A friend of Michelle Obama is prominent in the company that received the no bid contract to produce the website and it looks like they will get even more money to work on fixing the garbage they created.

How much more of OUR money will government throw at this project to get it running correctly?

An article in the New York Post indicates the entire website might have to be scrapped and rebuilt from scratch.

So Obama spends over 600 MILLION dollars on a project that will be scrapped and rebuilt at even more cost to the taxpayer.

Everyone involved in this should be put in jail.

The nightmare for Democrats is that people are becoming frustrated and not signing up. Those who do get through are seeing such huge costs that they are not selecting plans. What this means is that there will not be the millions of young, healthy people paying to provide for the older and less healthy among us.

Obamacare is going to cost multiples of what they told us and it will collapse under its own weight.

This is by design as Obama wants a single payer system but will anyone with a brain (excludes his supporters) actually trust him after he failed to deliver on his signature plan?

I have been reading about all the liberals who have had their insurance cancelled and have discovered how much more they will have to pay under Obamacare and I find it funny that they are surprised. They seem to think they can keep their plans like Obama promised and they are surprised to find out they are paying more to support others. To a person they exclaim how excited they were to have Obamacare pass so that everyone could have insurance but that they did not think THEY would be paying for it.

Typical liberals, no idea where money comes from and perfectly happy giving stuff away as long as they don’t have to pay.

I hope they end up eating cat food so they can suffer for their foolishness.

You see, pain is a great teacher and these folks need to suffer.

One last thing. If you think the roll out is a mess wait until you have to actually get care. That will make the roll out look like a stroll in the park.

When things like this happen people always say “I hate to say I told you so.” I don’t feel that way.

I take joy in saying I told you so…

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