60 Injured in India Over Stupidity

More than 60 people were injured when protests broke our in India over some remarks made about a winner of the “Indian Idol” contest. Evidently, a radio show host made an ethic slur concerning the winner:

The violence broke out Friday when supporters of Prashant Tamang, the recent winner of the TV singing competition, took to the streets of Siliguri, a town in the eastern state of West Bengal, to protest what they perceived as a radio show host’s ethnic slur against Tamang, said state police official R.J.S. Nalwa. Tamang is an Indian citizen of Nepalese origin. Yahoo News

Immediately after the ethnic slur was aired Pashda Sharpton and Deshie Jackson arrived with a crowd to protest the slur. They then blamed President Bush for the slur and asked the Justice Department to investigate this incident to see why American Idol winners are not the brunt of ethnic jokes.

Pashda and Deshie then bought a bunch of cheesy beads for their cab driver friends in the US and left. Said Sharpton; “Well no one was killed as I like to see it but more than 60 were hurt. Chalk this one up as a good protest. Where to now?”

Jackson tried to rhyme his disgust with the incident but he could not find Indian words he knew and they did not rhyme with anything. Jackson then started slapping his hand over his mouth yelling woo, woo, woo and hopping on one foot. He was quickly reminded that he was invoking North American Indians and that if he did not stop he would be arrested for being stupid in public (he would be in jail for life already if that were a real charge).

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3 Responses to “60 Injured in India Over Stupidity”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    I hope every Tribe in America gives Sharpnot and Jacksjerk both barrels. It just goes to show everyone how really ignorant these two are.

  2. Big Dog says:

    This was a joke…